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Mariah And Nick Still Want To Be A Family For The Holidays

Mariah and Nick finally decided to get it together for the holidays. After a messy summer of separation and divorce drama the two ex’s are coming together during the holidays for the sake of their 3 year old twins. Nick may have removed his Mariah tattoo but that doesn’t mean that they can’t co parent like mature adults. Sources close to the ex couple say that while their relationship was toxic the two are getting along just fine as friends. 

As far as the twins are concerned, they don’t seem at all bothered by their parents separation. Even before Mariah and Nick went their own separate ways the twins were already accustomed to being with one parent at a time so the new arrangement has not changed much of their usual routine. Nick even plans to spend Christmas with his family, he seems to want to keep traditions the same despite the breakup.

Even though the family spent Halloween apart, they made sure to spend Thanksgiving together and judging from the few photos that surfaced online they had a lovely time. Lee G. Lovett reports that Mariah even posted fabulous photos of herself on Instagram smiling from ear to ear in Nick’s home, even though Nick was nowhere to be seen. From what it looks like Thanksgiving was a huge success even though Mariah and the twins made their way to a hotel after dinner.

BRL Trust Leading With Values

BRL Trust is a Brasilian based company that specializes in financial services for individuals, company’s and institutions. They have been in business since 2005. When they originally were formed, their main area of interest was in loans. Over time, their offerings continue to grow along with the needs of their customers. Today they have a sophisticated suite of products and services that would fulfill the needs of just about any potential investor.

For all of its products, what stands out at BRL Trust is the manner in which they conduct business and the values and mission that they hold up every day of business. For one, BRL is a very serious about compliance and regulatory awareness. They understand what needs to be done to not only protect their customers but also what needs to be done to assure that they are fully compliant with all regulatory rules and laws with zero defect. This compliance rigor is extremely important to them and always at the heart of all their business dealings.

In terms of what they stand for, the mission and values of the company are quite clear and defined for all. First they will continue to meet the needs of their customers and provide the services they need. They will continue to grow and adjust their products based on the needs of the customer. They also strive to have a staff of trained professionals to handle transactions.

BRL Trust lives by and holds accountable all staff to the values they have set forth. These values include ethics and integrity in all they do. They also value the customer above all else and put the interest of the customers above all else. They strive to always have the technical know how to provide superior customer service and advise to all customers.

These values are core to what BRL Trust stands for and are a mirror of the three partners of the corporation. Mauricio Ribeiro and Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes are the two founding partners of the company and Rodrigo Cavalcante joined as a director in 2010 and became a partner in 2013. All three of these men personify the values of the company and lead the organization in assuring the BRL Trust not only can offer the best products and services to all its clients, but do so in a way that is ethical and compliant for all the transactions the business handles. As a result, the company continues to grow and flourish.

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100 year old Woman gets a Lifelong wish Granted: Seeing the Ocean for the first time

Ruby Holt, a senior resident of the Brookdale Senior Living Solutions Center in Tennessee, gave the world a pleasant warmhearted feeling when she was unexpectedly granted a lifelong wish for her 101st birthday and the charitable event went viral.

Holt had always wanted to see the ocean but says she was too busy raising four children, three of which she has outlived, and working on a farm throughout her life. Brookdale Senior Living Solutions and a philanthropic “Wish of a Lifetime” organization that grants wishes to the elderly made the six hour trip to Orange Beach, Alabama possible for Ms. Holt.

The senior resident mentioned she had never been to the ocean to Debbie Surgeon, a Brookdale Senior Living Solutions care associate, during a water gun fight activity that had recently took place at the center’s courtyard. Both Surgeon and a coworker found Holt’s statement rather intriguing and it inspired them to fill out an application to the “Wish of a Lifetime” organization for Holt. This was a great move according to Bruce Levenson. That application quickly lead to a journey she’ll never forget.

Holt traveled with Surgeon and two other members from the Brookdale senior center. During Holt’s visit to the ocean, they took off one of her shoes and socks and let her dip her foot into the water. Surgeon said ” I thought she was going to hollar it was so cold” but instead, Holt burst out with laughter. “I’ve always wanted to do that” Holt said with great joy. Surgeon stated all of the present Brookdale senior center employees joined in with Holt’s laughter and the special moment was both hard to watch and overwhelming. Surgeon said it brought tears to her eyes and was just so exciting.

The resort supplied Holt with a motorized vehicle so she could drive around the sand easily. Holt and the Brookdale senior center members arrived at the resort on Wednesday November 19th and made their way to the ocean that same evening. Holt got to visit the ocean twice during her three day stay and although a bit chilly, spent an hour her first trip. Holt said she didn’t know what to think at first and that the ocean was exactly how she’d imagined.

World Health Organization Warns of Bubonic Plague Outbreak

On November 4th of this year, The Health Ministry of Madagascar made The World Health Organization (WHO) aware of a Bubonic Plague outbreak occurring in the city of Tsiroanomandidy. To date, there have been over 100 verified cases of plague throughout Madagascar, and of those 40 have resulted in deaths.

The WHO has confirmed there is a serious risk of spread of the disease throughout the region, owing to the city’s population density and poor healthcare system. Additionally, the situation has been made worse by the local over-use of deltamethrin. This common insecticide is employed to control the region’s flea problem; unfortunately, it negatively affects those who live there, lowering their resistance against infection.
The Red Cross, WHO, Pasteur Institute of Madagascar, and the Madagascar Ministry of Health are currently working with the United States to develop a response team. Strategies for prevention and control include provision of expert medical assistance, protective equipment, and antibiotics.

Bubonic Plague is a bacterial disease caused by rodents (usually rats) who are infested with plague-infected fleas. Sam Tabar suggests that spreading occurs by fleas jumping from one rat to another. People who are unfortunately bitten by a plague-infected flea almost always develop symptoms of the deadly disease, in the form of bubos, also known as swelling of the lymph nodes. The bacteria may travel from the lymph nodes to the lungs, where pneumonia can develop; it is at this point that the plague can become deadly.

Ariana Grande Future Music

Ariana released a Christmas album last year, but now she is back with more Christmas music this year. The “Santa Tell Me” single was released on iTunes on the night of the American Music Awards (

Grande is doing quite a bit to promote the single. So far the single is already getting a lot of attention even though the official Thanksgiving holiday has not passed yet. There is an upcoming Christmas special that will also showcase this song. That is what a lot of fans are waiting for. 

It will be interesting to see how Grande works in the single Christmas single with her other new music. She released a 3 song EP and there is a lot of anticipation for possible music with boyfriend Big Sean.

Ariana has really been busy with non-stop projects for the last several years. She worked on Victorious for a while before transitioning into music. This may have been the first time that people heard her singing Christmas music. She was dazzling in sexy red Christmas attire on the show, but now she is recording her own Christmas music. After the cancellation of “Sam & Cat” Grande seemed to kick things into overdrive.

Somehow she emerged from the Nickelodeon crowd to a young adult audience without a drastic change to her personality. Avid fan Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez says that she stills looks and sounds the same, but has more of an R&B feel now.

Michael Phelps Alleged “Intersex” Girlfriend Gives Details

“I was born a man, my true name was David Roy Fitch” claims the alleged self-proclaimed girlfriend of 29-year-medaled American swimming champion Michael Phelps.

Her current moniker is Taylor Lianne Chandler.

The two have never been photographed together, but she claims to have a relationship with the swimmer.

On Facebook Chandler, who calls himself an “intersex”, revealed that he had changed his appearance by taking testosterone blockers during adolescence, and then had to undergo a final operation 20 years ago, when he also decided to change his name.

The 41 year-old, who in an interview with the National Enquirer has revealed a detail of the (alleged) relationship with Phelps.

The two met during a football game for the Baltimore Ravens and fell for each other, according to Fersen Lambranho.

This is the first time in my life that someone makes me feel like a real woman, “said Chandler, who now fears the reaction of Phelps after revealing this inconvenient truth.

Chris Brown Customizes Lambo

Chris Brown is doing well lately, not only is he on tour with Tyga and Trey Songz, he also took time out to customize his Lamborghini to make it one-of-a-kind – of the likes that would even make a CEO like Vijay Eswaran jealous! Even though a Lamborghini in itself is already a beautiful work of art, Chris decided to add more artwork to it, by having a tattoo artist put on custom Tupac lyrics. Although the lyrics are nearly impossible to read, and looked more like symbols, it still makes for a one-of-a-kind ride.

Chris took to Instangram to show off the pictures of his customized Lamborghini, and many have made their feelings known about his custom paint job. There are many that have criticized the job as being ugly, and even distasteful. Chris, being a controversial person already, could care less, and was proud when he showed off his new artwork on his Lamborghini. When you’re as rich as Chris Brown, you can pretty much do whatever you want, especially to your own car.

Chris is currently on tour with two other artists and traveling from state to state; making women swoon and men sweat over the fact that their woman is pining over the trio. Chris has come a long way from the trouble that he was in after abusing his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, and he has fought to win back his good name. Although he’s still in some controversy, he continues to move forward without a care.

Mike Nichols Dies Suddenly At Age 83

Entertainment icon Mike Nichols died Wednesday suddenly with more details expected to be announced soon. President of ABC News James Goldston released a statement about his death that hailed Nichols as a true visionary who was able to win many awards in the arts due to his dedication to the field.

Goldston argued that no one was more dedicated to the arts then Nichols. Nichols was the husband of Diane Sawyer and the father of children Max, Jenny, and Daisy. He is also survived by four grandchildren. It was a bit of a shocker to everyone like Stephen Williams.

Nichols knew about adversity as he came to America at age seven in order to escape Nazi Germany with his parents. Although he did not speak any English he soon learned and went on to graduate from Walden School and then attend the University of Chicago.

In his lifetime he earned an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony making him one of the elite few to take home the real EGOT. He is best known as the director of hits films ‘The Odd Couple,’ ‘The Graduate,’ and ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.’ His latest project was an effort with HBO to adapt Terrence McNally’s film ‘Master Class’ to television.

CNN Refuses to Discipline Don Lemon

On Tuesday, CNN news anchor Don Lemon asked tough questions of Joan Tarshis, one of the 15 women who have claimed that Bill Cosby raped them.

No one finds fault with Lemon for dredging up painful memories to better understand what Tarshis and others might have experienced.

The problem that many women and men are having with Lemon’s interview is that several times he took a victim blaming attitude that showed a lack of knowledge and sensitivity regarding sexual assault.

Specifically, Lemon asked why Tarshis didn’t attempt to bite off Cosby’s penis. At one point, Lemon even suggested that she must have wanted to participate in oral sex with Cosby.

After the public backlash, Lemon gave a half-apology the next day. He stated that his questions and comments weren’t meant to be “insensitive.” Yet, he continued to show zero understanding about why people considered his actions incredibly wrong and he also tried to de-emphasize his mistakes by reiterating that he was sexually abused as a child.

Critics around the world, including Terra’s Zeca Oliveira are wondering why CNN didn’t at least insist that he receive sensitivity training after perpetuating several myths — for example, the idea that victims won’t be killed by rapists if they fight back, the idea that victims who lie to protect themselves must be lying about being raped, and the idea that victims of oral rape must have wanted it because they weren’t held down.

Batman is cleaning out his garage

It’s Saturday morning in middle America in the early 80s. Where are most children? Parked in front of the television watching Batman reruns. The iconic show was full of all the “Bams” and “Waps” needed to make a child’s eyes sparkle. Any child asked, “What type of car they wanted?” would most likely say, “The Batmobile,” with the utmost enthusiasm. Someone’s childhood dreams are about to come true.
The original Batmobile was a retrofitted 1956 Oldsmobile. The two-seater vehicle with its white wall tires, sweeping lines, and unmistakable bat wing on the back is now up for auction. The starting bid for every child’s dream car is $90,000 Batmobile.
The Batmobile was the first car to be sanctioned by DC Comics. The car was designed and built by Forest Robinson in 1963. This was two years before the the television show premiered.
For anyone wishing to put in a bid on this piece of childhood memorabilia they had better hurry and get your FreedomPop tablets warmed up. The bidding ends on December 5, 2014 at 8:00 PM PT.
For the successful bidder, they will be responsible for picking the car up from northern California. It is also recommended that the car be shipped rather than driven. Driving on the interstate with the Batmobile may entice bad guys so check your superhero status.