Brazil’s Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates For The First Time In Four Years


The Central Bank of Brazil has kept interest rates high for the last four years for a reason. Brazil’s economy was showing signs of slowing down in 2012, and when China pulled the plug and reduced the amount of exports they needed from Brazil, the bottom fell out of the economy. President Dilma Rousseff tried to bring the economy back, but her policies caused more damage than good. When Vice-President Michel Temer took over the presidency, the banks and the Congress decided to stand behind him and his austerity plans.

Big corporate leaders also decided to back Temer, and all that support is producing some interesting results. Inflation is starting to slow down, unemployment figures are getting smaller, and foreign investors are coming back to Brazil. Brazil signed the Clean Air Agreement recently and that act is a good example of what companies like Eucatex, the giant building supply company, can expect from Temer in the next two years.

Eucatex wasn’t always a giant building supply company. The Sao Paulo-based family-owned company was founded in the 1950s by the grandfather of the current CEO of the company, Flavio Maluf. Granddaddy Maluf was in the sawmill business back then, and he had an excess of eucalyptus wood laying around the sawmill and he wanted to use it. Maluf decided to make ceiling times out of eucalyptus wood, and the tiles caught on in the domestic market. Eucatex was created to handle the demand for the ceiling tiles back then. His LinkedIn tells us that Flavio Maluf joined the company in 1987, and he was appointed president in 1997.

Flavio has transformed Eucatex into an Eco-friendly supplier that exports to countries around the world. Maluf also put a renewable energy mandate in place in Eucatex factories and offices. Today, Eucatex is one of the corporate leaders in the push toward clean air and environmentally friendly practices. Flavio Maluf is often asked to speak about climate change and other issues.

The eucalyptus tree forest he purchased several years ago is also one of the topics that often comes up in his speaking engagements. The Temer decision to sign the Clean Air Agreement is verification that the government stands behind Maluf in his efforts to save Brazil’s natural resources.

Securus Has Better Installers In Every Prison

Securus has been sending installers into prisons around the country, and the people that are in these prisons want to be able to check in with family. There are a lot of people who need family to have a center in this world, and there are many people who will place these calls every day. We have been doing this for a while now, and we just heard about how they are sending more people into the field every day. They are trying to get more calls done every day, and that comes with more cameras.


The best part of this is that we have seen the results of all that installing work that they have done. The cameras are helping people like us keep in touch with family every day, and the cameras are pretty exciting because it means that I can get all the people in the family around the camera so that we can all see the people that we love. They are stuck in a prison where they have to get through the day, and we know that they will stay stuck like that because they could be in a lot of trouble if we do not see them.


We want to feel like there is a tangible connection in the family that is going to last for a long time, and someone who wants to be able to see a family member can just use the app on their phone. Securus created an app to go with the service they are creating with all these phone lines and cameras. The way that they have set up their system is such that everyone gets what they need. I have called to make sure that a person who is in the family can check in with us, and I have called to make sure I can see their face just to be sure they are alright.


Meet Keith Mann, the Man who believes in Honesty and Diversity.

Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience working in the executive search industry. Keith Mann has serious knowledge on several issues such as hedge fund compensation as well as the hiring strategy . He has held different positions during these fifteen years including one of a managing director at Dynamic Executive Search. Learn more about Keith Mann:

One of his greatest achievement when managing the Dynamic Executive Search is the launch of the Alternative Investment Practice. He saw the hedge fund industry as one with potential and hence worth investing in.

At the moment, he is the CEO of DSP, and his responsibilities include running the company on a daily basis. He also advises his clients on issues related to hiring investment as well on marketing strategies. In an interview, Keith Mann answered some questions about his career.

 Keith Mann described that the idea for Dynamic Search Partners came from the previous firm that he had worked for, the Dynamics Associates. The main aim was to keep the name consistent.

The idea is as a result of years of experience in the industry where he had been specializing in alternative investment. Keith Mann explained that he was groomed for this position as he grew up in New York area that is known for producing such kind of executives.

Keith Mann described his day as a non-stop one having to deal with lots of meetings, phone calls, and emails. He makes it productive by hammering it away and always, making sure that he is focused. Keith Man explains that exercising before works play a key role in ensuring he remains focused throughout the day.

Mann also explains that his ideas come from needs. He is only interested in ideas that ensure that the current system is improved and functions better. The most important trends that excite Keith Mann are honesty and diversity. Every employer wants to hire an employee who is honest and diverse.

For Keith Mann, the thing he hates most is working for someone else; he wants to be his own boss. He learned this when working for a large bank as an assistant trader. He describes this as his worst job. Keith Mann describes that there is nothing he would change if he were to start all over again.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa’s Advice to Fellow Entrepreneurs

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a businessperson in Panama who has achieved remarkable success at the tender age of 25 years. His urge to be self-employed began immediately after leaving school and since then he has managed to join the elite group of risk-taking and tech-savvy travelers, businesspersons and diplomats living and working in Panama. Mr. Figueroa is among the first people who discovered the incredible business opportunities that Panama had to offer. He and other people took advantage of this and built great businesses that rely on new technology gadgets and high-speed internet. In a bid to educate fellow entrepreneurs, Mr. Jose has felt the need to share the rules of succeeding in business in Panama according to his experience and wit.

The rules according to Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa are

• Become a ground breaker

This involves finding a niche and exploiting it to the fullest. He believes that entrepreneurs should not follow the crowd, but rather their skill set and passion. To do this, all they need to do is be confident.

• Be flexible and mobile

In this case, he means having the ability to work from anywhere. According to him, all entrepreneurs need to do this is the internet. Panama proves to be conducive to being flexible and mobile thanks to the availability of high-speed internet. 

• Seek out a complimentary business partner

In his opinion, this rule applies to any market. He believes partnerships help people achieve more. Utilizing each other’s strength makes work easier.

• Success is not dependent on a flawless academic record

He believes that classroom success does not determine business success in Panama on In his opinion, entrepreneurs can hire the educated when need be. The number of successful less educated entrepreneurs in Panama can back this.

• Avoid shortcuts

He believes in putting in the work. According to him, it is vital that entrepreneurs source for as much information as possible about business. They should then set goals and work to achieve them.

• Minimize costs

His strategy of minimizing costs is splitting overheads with other entrepreneurs. In his opinion, a good way of doing so would be office sharing. He also feels that entrepreneurs should avoid massive capital investments.

• Planning for failure

He advises entrepreneurs to believe that failure is a possibility. In his opinion, this will help them prepare for any lawsuits. He adds that they, however, should try to avoid failure by looking at what others are doing and accepting constructive criticism. 

• Learn from the industry

In his opinion, a mentor will help an entrepreneur avoid making mistakes. He or she will also help him or her cross milestones. According to him, a mentor should have vast knowledge of the industry.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
Mr. Jose grew up in Venezuela before moving to Panama. He is now a prominent member of the business community in Panama where he helps mentor young people, improve economic conditions and assists businesses grow on Mr. Jose currently holds different positions in five firms in Panama. The positions are director, president and treasurer. His first appointment came in 2011 and the longest he has held a position is four years and eight months. 

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Food and Cuisine at Brian Bonar’s Bellamy restaurant

According to Dalrada, Brian Bonar’s Bellamy Restaurant offers California an ultra-modern cuisine with inspiration from the French. The hidden gem is quickly rising to the top places for food and cuisine.

The farm to table dining experiences creates one of the most robust flavors for every season. Bellamy prides itself for its high quality and being accompanied with impeccable service.

A larger piece of the restaurant sits near a Ranch at Bandy Canyon. Brian Bonar would like to turn the massive 144 care piece with a signature and make it a restaurant. To do that, he needs to offer unmatched food and cuisine.

Bonar first gets a Master Chef from France to make that possible. The arrival of the waited Chef made expectations run wild. This is why everything about the restaurant changed. From the entrance, you will be beautifully welcomed by Plush seats, Coppertone-brown walls, and smooth jazz paintings. Everything about the restaurant can be said to be a model home chic.

The food that Bellamy serves just meets your expectations. A simple serve of corn soup is usually served with cream and Basque treatment. Dining here just means you are dining in one of the most executive places known to the world.

The parsley-cream risotto is always fantastic and serves with a poached salmon. Bellamy is famous for its array of foods. Take for instance mille-feuille; only few restaurant serves that. For this dish, you get Ponsaty and Reidy topped with a few apple slices.

Bellamy restaurant has a goal to open a chain of restaurants that offer a unique menu. It aims to serve a menu that satisfies palates of their clients according to their desires and needs.

Bellamy offers a relaxed atmosphere too. Every guest that experiences the flavorful dishes will find the environment pleasant and its service second to none.

 About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is the mastermind behind Bellamy. He is a successful and popular finance executive. His extensive business leadership background has seen him top lead various companies such as Trucept Incorporated.

He has also previously served as leader of other enterprises like Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian Bonar’s success is attributed to his technical background. When growing up, he learnt how to build a business that works. He has studied in Watt Technical College and Stafford University.

Brian’s accomplishments are seen in different areas of his life. He has worked for IBM as a procurement manager and later went to be a leader for QMS. Here he was a manager over 100 other executives. At this time, he continued to work as a sales manager for Adaptec.

Once he had his experience, he Brian started his company known as the Bezier Systems. He has worked for other businesses and found a grand success with Dalrada Financial services.

Jennifer Walden: Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Austin

In the recent times, noninvasive procedures such as Botox, skin smoothing lasers and wrinkle erasers have become very common. In the United States, these procedures are performed almost every day by cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

For individuals looking who want to rejuvenate their faces and body, going under the knife is currently the most successful way. There are different doctors offering these services in the country, and their names are all over the news. At the moment, the top requests remain nose reshaping, breast augmentation, liposuction, eyelid surgery and face-lift. Jennifer Walden is one of the doctors who have done well in the industry.

According to the Harper Bazaar Magazine, Jennifer Walden is one of the twenty four best cosmetic surgeons in the US. Many people say that she is a woman who has got everything. She has become very acknowledged in the field. She had the opportunity of training with some of the best surgeons in the country, and this made her establish a good practice in a place known as Manhattan. Later on, she relocated to her hometown, Austin, and she has been practicing there.

Jennifer is among the women who have done very well in the male populated industry. She is also a member of directors at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. When Jennifer is not treating her patients, the surgeon uses her time publishing and writing books. She believes that her children and family have inspired her to become what she is today.

Many of her patients know her as a strong, assertive and caring woman. She is extremely friendly and warm to her patients, and this puts her patients calm and relaxed whenever they go for a checkup. The kind of confidence and calm she portrays is a sign that she knows what her job requires. She is a very busy person because of the nature of her way, but she never appears rushed when her patients look at her.

In her office, Jennifer Walden controls everything that happens in the environment, but her employees never find her harsh. She always has a very long list of patients waiting to see her and get her elite services.

Tickets for the 2017 World Cup at the Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe Resort now on sale!

For the first time in a half-Century, the International Federation of Skiing (FIS) World Cup will return to Squaw Valley, bringing Olympic champions like Squaw Valley’s own gold Medalist, Julia Mancuso; as well as U.S. World Cup and Olympic slalom champion Mikaela Shiffrin, competing on the legendary Red Dog run, where the U.S. hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics. Although the event is scheduled to run March 9-12 pf 2017, it’s been predicted that tickets may sell out fairly quickly.

Alpine Ski competition’s World Cup tour on was inaugurated in January of 1967. It celebrated its 50th consecutive year during the 2015-2016 season, which began in October 2015, in Slden, Austria and concluded in March of this year in Saint Moritz, Switzerland. The World Ski Championship, also sponsored by the FIS, is a separate biennial event inaugurated in 1939. It will take place in February of 2017, also in Saint Moritz.

There are several options for attending the World Cup: There is free standing-room viewing available near the finish area, as well as skier spectator viewing and a Live-stream video is also available. The grandstand viewing ($30/day) offers elevated seating near the finish area with live coverage on the jumbo screen.

Viewing as a VIP ($450/2-day pass) offers a straight-on view of the racecourse and finish area, and several amenities including lunch, wine and beer with seating in or out of doors, and a 2-day lift ticket to Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. The Club member’s view ($1400 for 2-day pass) offers the best views of the racecourse and the finish, and includes an array of privileges and amenities including special access to music performances, and Êa two-day lift ticket to Squaw Valley Alpine MeadowsÊ(valid March 10-12).

Spanning over 6,000 acres, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is an internationally-known and well respected resort at Lake Tahoe, voted by USA Today in 2016 as “Best Ski Resort” in North America, and was voted by CNN as ;the best ski resort on the planet.’

Featuring lodging on the slopes in The Village at Squaw Valley, with as many as 60 restaurants, boutiques and bars. Also known as the ‘Spring Ski capital,’ Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has an average of 300 days of sunshine and an average annual snowfall of 450 inches., and has an exceptionally long season for both skiing and snowboarding to suit all levels of ability, from beginners to champions.

Complaints About White Shark Systems

White Shark Media is a company that has had many complaints. However, those complaints have been acknowledged, and there have been plans put in place to make sure that they don’t happen again.

One of the things that clients have complained about is that they have lost touch with the AdWords campaigns that have been created. The company has made sure that all clients understand the way campaigns work so that they can stay better in touch with them.

If the clients know about the campaign and start to see areas where it’s failing, then they will know where to go as soon as possible.

Another common complaint is about the lack of communication. The people who are in the office and operating White Shark Media haven’t seemed to be talking with clients on a regular basis, which has made them feel like they don’t have any input in the campaigns at all.

There are now scheduled monthly meetings for clients to take part in so that they know what is going on with the company. They will be able to ask questions. Each client is referred to a supervisor or project manager who will better understand each campaign in the event that there are any issues.

Some people have complained about the new campaigns and the way that they are designed. There is an option to keep the old campaign platform for those who don’t want to use the new system. Read more: Georgia Web Marketer | White Shark Media Inc. on Atlanta Shopify

White Shark Media Complaints team doesn’t want to do away with anything that is already working for some clients, but the option is there to quickly go to a new campaign design if desired.


How Did Laidlaw & Company Help Me Save For College?

I know that saving for college can be one of the hardest things that people do because they do not even know where to start. They just think that they can save up some cash in a savings account and use it to pay for college, but I know that I was going to have to do something more. I went to Laid & Company to ask for help, and they gave me this great plan that includes a special account that was actually for parents saving for college. James Ahern and Matthew Eitner knew all about it, and then they got me started.

There are a lot of people who are saving for college using these same kinds of accounts, and I have another retirement account in the same place. Basically, I am trying to make sure that I have gotten all my money into a place that is going to let it grow for me naturally. I just do not have the time to sit there and watch the money grow, but I do have time to talk to a broker if I need to.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

I have been checking the account to see how much we can afford with Laidlaw and Company , and I think that I can talk my daughter into going to a lot of good schools now that I have this cash. I needed more cash so she would have more options, and now I do. I know she can get into a lot of good schools, and I am on target to make a huge payment for her tuition.

The rest of the money we do not end up using is actually going to another fund for grad school, and my broker told me that is even more aggressive. I like the way Laidlaw & Company works. They have turned the simple act of saving for college into a genius financial move.

Mark Sparks Teaches Others Through His Life Lessons

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Mark Sparks is what some call a “serial entrepreneur.” He’s been in the business of startups for more than 34 years. Many of his businesses have been successful and some not so much.

Marc Sparks did something that many do after dedicating his life to the business world, and he recently put his experiences in writing. Creating a book that documented his journey allowed others to learn from his mistakes and to grow.

Faith to Move Mountains

Sparks is a man of strong faith. He knows that he has been given much, yet he remains humble. He says that the scars of his life are what have challenged him to do better. He wasn’t at the head of the class, not even close. In fact, he was a C+ average student that struggled with grades and to fit in. Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList

He feels it a great honor that he could take his education and make millions by selling self-made products. Sparks often speaks of his dedication to a higher power. He believes that if it had not been for grace, he would be nothing. He has never had any formal training, yet he has a keen instinct that has helped him through his life.

It’s Not About the Money, It’s About The Journey

Sparks has a passion for building companies. He takes ideas that other see as impossible and turns them into a reality. One of his biggest companies is Timer Creek Capital.

He not only developed this business with his idea, but he created a culture. He makes goals, both long and short, and is dedicated to follow through. His book (sold on Amazon) is entitled “They Can Eat You.” He talks about how painful it was for him to write his story. Yet, if he can help others to keep from having the blunders he has faced, he would do it all again.

Sparks Believes In Being Real With His Followers

Like so many other entrepreneurs, he could easily show people the bank balance with millions of dollars in it and brag about success. However, without seeing the bumps in the road, people get a false sense of reality. Sure, he started an insurance holding company from his back bedroom, but he lost all he had made in less than 90 days.

Marc Sparks wants his experiences to bless someone else, someone who may have fallen several times and doesn’t have the strength to get up again. His message is to never lose hope. He is proof positive that it doesn’t matter how many times a person falls, it’s how many times they get up again that counts.