3 Ways Equities First Helps Investors Find Loans

Creative Solutions To Financial Woes

The recent financial crises have led to many individuals and companies facing dire circumstances. Obtaining a loan in the current economy is a difficult task. Without a particular high credit score conventional margin loans are next to impossible to obtain. This has led lenders to search for creative ways of working around these challenges. Equities First Holdings is looking to shake things up with a new form of the collateral loan. Instead of focusing on the credit score of its client.

Equities First uses financial investments to secure loans. This unique enables Equities First to offer its clients something they wouldn’t find anywhere else. Despite recent market conditions the majority of lenders focus on margin loans, but the hard work of Equities First Holdings is proving that more lenders should consider looking outside the box.

The Pros Of The Stock Collateral Loan

Using stock as collateral for a loan offers a number of serious advantages to borrowers. Obviously, the lender does not need to review the credit score of the borrower or consider the history of a borrower in any significant way. Another advantage of using stock to secure a loan is the ability top provide a client with a larger loan with lower interest rates than one can typically get with margin loans. Equities First offers their clientele, which includes some of the largest companies in the world, an opportunity unlike anything else.

A Model Of Success

Founded in the early 2000s Equities First Holdings specializes in offering its clients loans secured with securities. This approach allows the company to provide low interest loans to its customers regardless of credit history. The clientele Equities First serves run an impressive gamut.

There are startups involved in commercial enterprises and there are individuals looking for some help with personal pursuits such as housing mortgages. Borrowers come to Equities First to find loans they would not have access to through other lenders. Thanks to their unique approach the company now operates in countries across the world and generates billions in revenue.

Bank SVP Heads Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

Mary Pirrello, of NexBank SSB in Dallas, TX, is the new president of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association, or TMBA. She will serve a one-year term. Pirrello is currently Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending at NexBank. She has served in a variety of leadership roles in 20 years of industry experience. Founded in 1917, the TMBA has been dedicated preserving, enhancing and advancing both the mortgage banking and real estate fields in Texas.

Currently at NexBank, Pirrello specializes in business development and management for the national warehouse lending division. Prior to her current role as president, she served as an active board and committee member for TMBA, which she joined in 2007. Her activities in the TMBA included participation in its political action committee, and she also graduated from the school of mortgage banking. In 2010, Pirrello won the Future Leader award, which included the James Wooten Scholarship.

NexBank SSB rolls up to NexBank Capital Inc., which serves clients nationwide in commercial banking, mortgage banking and investment banking. Clients of its financial institutions include large corporations, mid-sized companies and real estate investors. NexBank offers a wide range of banking products and services. The company offers business services and specializes in customized financial services targeted for financial institutions, individuals or larger corporations.

In 2015, the NexBank had increased its earnings and loans for the fourth consecutive year. The bank has delivered vigorous and consolidated financial results. In 2016, NexBank is projected to grow by 35 percent on recorded assets of $2.7 billion.

NexBank will continue to foster leaders, like Pirrello, who move the mortgage and real estate business industry forward in the political arena.