Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, the co-founder and chairman of Groupon and a co-founder to several more companies. He is an all time entrepreneur with a strong educational background. After graduating high school he attended the University of Michigan, graduating in 1991 with honors. He continued to receive his Juris Doctor at University of Michigan Law School, graduating in 1993. The Juris Doctor degree is the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. It is a graduate entry professional law degree and is one of several Doctor of Law degrees. In other words, Lefkofsky was educated on law with a philosophical and analytic perspective and not in a way to prepare to practice law.

From early on in his life, Lefkofsky has been involved with cancer research. This includes donating millions of dollars, forming a charitable trust with his wife focusing on children and now he has created a health tech start up called Tempus. Tempus is a technology company that is working on modernizing medicine to help cure cancer. It is a library of information containing clinical and molecular data that is available to physicians. This creates the opportunity for physicians to make the best decision for current patients based on previous patients. Tempus partners with physicians and hospitals so they are able to have access to “genomic sequencing with cutting edge analytics and an interactive machine learning platform to help health care professionals deliver personalized treatments for their cancer patients” (Tempus. Para 1). With this technology, physicians are able to take a patients mutation profile and enter it into a database to help accelerate cancer gene discovery and figure how a patient may respond to a particular FDA approved drug, clinical treatment, etc. Tempus also includes clinical support, giving physicians support in quickly and accurately finding proper treatment options based on a patient’s molecular profile. Eric Lefkofsky created a connection point between researchers, developers, physicians and patients. It has created a communication like no other where all information can be located in order to best fit a treatment for someone ill with cancer. Access from


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Customers Praise Securus Technologies for their Commendable Job

Securus Technologies provides civic and criminal justice technology that ensures public safety through continuous surveillance of inmates’ calls and video surveillance. Securus has been providing the services for decades making it the most reliable organization in giving surveillance and monitoring services. Securus has been providing surveillance technologies for monitoring inmates’ behaviors and communications between them and their relatives and friends.

Due to their quality services, Securus has been the preferred company over their competitors, and have widened their clients’ base to serve most inmate facilities in the United States. According to Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies said that Securus develops new products for their clients on a weekly basis. The move ensures that quality gets regularly improved to satisfy their customers’ wants.

Recently, Securus has received comments from their customers stating how they have positively impacted their facilities. For instance, there is an email from a client who explained how the use of Securus Technologies systems had assisted them in convicting a member of staff who was involved in criminal activities. The member was identified by tracking his cell phone and identifying suspicious messages sent to the other party. The systems proved worth, and the client expects more of such services from Securus Technologies.

In another instance, the client wished to recommend Securus for their LBS software that has enabled them to search for drugs and illegal assets. Through the use of the LSB service, the client has partnered with sheriffs and other law enforcing departments to put in custody victims who use and sell the drugs. This would be impossible and complicated without Securus Technologies assistance.

Securus has done a recommendable job, and every client is satisfied with the services they provide. On their part, Securus Technologies have promised to advance and develop more products that will be tailor made for their clients’ wants.

How Does Laidlaw & Company Help Me Invest For Profit

I decided to invest for profit not long after getting my new job. I knew I had extra money to spend on investments, and I asked the staff at Laidlaw & Company how they would spend the money I have. We decided that I could invest for profit if I took a few extra steps in my plan, and this article explains how the company helps me reach my goals.


#1: How Do I Invest For Profit?


I have invested for profit because I know I may make a bit of extra money every month, and I asked my broker at Laidlaw how they would invest. We found a few companies that would be nice to invest in, and I am invested in international currency because it is easy to manage.


#2: Choosing Places To Invest


I chose several different places to invest that looked interesting to me, and I know there are many other places that will be interesting in the future. I am pleased to know my broker at Laidlaw is looking after me, and they are sharing great places for me to look when I need a new investment option.


#3: How Do I Make Money?


I make money through my dividends every month, and my broker sends me a check that totals the money I made that month. They do most of the worst when I am trading, and they call me when they want me to clear a new idea they think will help me.


I have been invested for some time in the funds that were chosen for me by Laidlaw & Company, and they are helping me make money that I would not have otherwise. They have been good to me, and they are showing me there is more potential on the markets than I thought.

Nexbank Goes Above and Beyond

With their original charter dating back to 1922, NexBank is here to serve their customers in several different aspects, including commercial, mortgage, and investment banking. Located in Dallas, Texas Nexbank strives to go above and beyond.

In December of 2015, the company bought out College Savings bank in Princeton, New Jersey. They are keeping the company the same as it was, focusing on either a 529 savings plan or an Arizona Family College Savings Program-Bank Plan.

More locally, the company is focusing on their partnership with Habitat for Humanity. They set a goal to help at least one hundred low income families obtain home ownership in South Dallas per year for the next five years. Nexbank pays for all title fees involved with closing and up to $2000 in closing costs.

In addition to helping people and companies financially, Nexbank employees also strive to teach others. The President and CEO, John Holt, was a panelist for the Texas Banker’s Association’s fifth annual strategic opportunities and M&A conference. He spoke about reinventing community banking with a perspective of competing by innovation.

This seems something that would come easy with a company that is focused on helping others, putting this into practice has allowed their company to have over three point nine billion dollars in assets!

NJ dentist, Avi Weisfogel, revolutionizes sleep apnea treatment

Avi Weisfogel, a NJ dentist with a background in marketing, had been practicing dentistry for over a decade. He had built his practice from scratch into one of the premier dental practices in the Old Bridge, NJ, area. Over a period of a year or two, he slowly came to the insight that many disease processes with etiologies in the mouth, head and neck area had early signs that could be easily recognized by dentists. Being an expert in marketing, he started looking for one of these diseases that may be underdiagnosed or undertreated.

After a couple years of intense personal research, he had found what he was looking for. Sleep apnea, a potentially fatal condition, went undiagnosed in almost 90% of those who suffered from it. It wasn’t until the disease’s late stages, when treatment became more difficult and many of its effects were likely to be irreversible, that patients sought treatment from their doctor. Weisfogel reasoned that dentists would be in a particularly favorable position to diagnose this ailment, being in close proximity to the head and neck region as well as performing routine examination of the structures of the mouth, which are often implicated as primary causes of sleep apnea.

This led Weisfogel to develop a unique protocol for the diagnosis and early treatment of sleep apnea in the context of dental medicine. The concept has largely been proven a success over the last few years. Dentists who have taken the courses offered by Avi Weisfogel’s company, Dental Sleep Masters, have successfully diagnosed and treated thousands of sleep apnea cases, catching many in the early, treatable stages that would have almost certainly progressed to much more serious disease without their timely intervention.Through his innovative diagnostic methods, Weisfogel has transformed the way dentistry is practiced in the United States and has saved countless lives in the process.



An Internationall Entrepreneur in Direct Sales, Bernardo Chua Grows in Success

Founding an international company of any kind deserves acclimation, but Bernardo Chua has founded two global companies in a decade: Gano Excel in 1999 and Organo in 2008.

In August of 2004, Bernado Chua received three well-deserved awards to express his business excellence, the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry, the 22nd Annual People’s Choice and the National Consumers Quality Awards.

Today, Organo Gold, Chua changed the name to simply Organo in 2015, is 55th in the Direct Sales companies internationally and is doing business in 35 countries. Bernardo Chua founded Organo in 2008, four years after he closed his first networking business, Gano Excel.

Bernardo has had a goal since childhood to introduce Ganoderma to the western world, and in 2004, he developed a way to infuse hot beverages with the super-herb so that more people would be able to enjoy its benefits.

Organo’s products include Ganoderma-infused, rich gourmet coffees, herbal teas, hot chocolate, Ganoderma in capsule form and several healthy skin products, There are over one million distributors in Organo, which are growing every day. The unique ingredient of the Ganoderma has made Organo a success to millions of customers.

Ganoderma is a mushroom grown in the Asian mountains that has been in Chinese medicine for 4,000 years. Bernardo’s mother brought it to the Philippines where Bernardo was born. He grew up experiencing the phenomenal antioxidant and nutritional properties of Ganoderma, and he became determined to introduce it to the world.

Bernardo Chua founded Gano Excel International in the Phillipines, where his career began with several healthy supplements including Ganoderma.

After almost a decade managing Gano Excel, which had grown worldwide, he wanted to make the Ganoderma more accessible to the average person. He developed the infused gourmet coffees and hot beverages and founded Organo in British Columbia, Canada.

Organo celebrated 10 years in the same location where he and two others started the company in 2008. Bernardo is an expert businessman who has developed excellent strategies in direct sales. He is quick to pass them on to his distributors, and he maintains a comfortable, but professional relationship.