Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, the co-founder and chairman of Groupon and a co-founder to several more companies. He is an all time entrepreneur with a strong educational background. After graduating high school he attended the University of Michigan, graduating in 1991 with honors. He continued to receive his Juris Doctor at University of Michigan Law School, graduating in 1993. The Juris Doctor degree is the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. It is a graduate entry professional law degree and is one of several Doctor of Law degrees. In other words, Lefkofsky was educated on law with a philosophical and analytic perspective and not in a way to prepare to practice law.

From early on in his life, Lefkofsky has been involved with cancer research. This includes donating millions of dollars, forming a charitable trust with his wife focusing on children and now he has created a health tech start up called Tempus. Tempus is a technology company that is working on modernizing medicine to help cure cancer. It is a library of information containing clinical and molecular data that is available to physicians. This creates the opportunity for physicians to make the best decision for current patients based on previous patients. Tempus partners with physicians and hospitals so they are able to have access to “genomic sequencing with cutting edge analytics and an interactive machine learning platform to help health care professionals deliver personalized treatments for their cancer patients” (Tempus. Para 1). With this technology, physicians are able to take a patients mutation profile and enter it into a database to help accelerate cancer gene discovery and figure how a patient may respond to a particular FDA approved drug, clinical treatment, etc. Tempus also includes clinical support, giving physicians support in quickly and accurately finding proper treatment options based on a patient’s molecular profile. Eric Lefkofsky created a connection point between researchers, developers, physicians and patients. It has created a communication like no other where all information can be located in order to best fit a treatment for someone ill with cancer. Access from


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  1. The co-founder to several companies and the chairman of Groupon, CEO of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky, an all time entrepreneur with a strong educational background, after graduating high school he attended the University of Michigan, graduating in 1991 with honors. His successes and experience are here. But you can find other information on about him and others that can help boost your morale.

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