Equities First Holdings: Specializing in Stock Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is one of the most acknowledge loan providers using stocks as collateral. For the company, they always delight in becoming part of the solution to your money problems. For this reason; you are required to approach the company to secure fast working capital using stocks as collateral. As a matter of fact, no one has a better understanding of what it takes to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. For over 14 years of professional experience in the world, Equities First Holdings has issued more than 2,000 transactions to their clients. These transactions translate to more than $2 billion in the issue to the fast working capital. For the company, they are always delighted to become part of the solutions to all your financial problems. For this reason, they developed the stock-based loans as one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital.

Stock-based loans provide a hedge between the structuring of equities and entities in this arena. For this reason, they end up working for capabilities that do not work for the better business bureau. The use of stock-based loans has been adopted as better option of financing during the onset of the harsh economic crisis. During these times, companies and rich individuals may need money. However, the banks may have high-interest rates that scare away most of the borrowers. For this reason, they end up looking for better alternatives to the financial problems. During this time, a credit-based loan offered by banks becomes limited to the common people. For this reason, no one has a better environment towards the capabilities issued as fast working capital. For you to secure the fast working capital, you might consider selecting the better business management capability in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. Equities First Holdings is a better business solution to your problems.

EOS: The Lip Balm I Love

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS as you probably know the brand, is by far my favorite for lip balm. I’ve always had dry skin, including lips. After a move from the hot and humid south to the mountainous aurora of Colorado, the problem with dry lips became an even greater problem. My lips were cracked, dry and they looked horrible. I hated going out because others could see my lips and putting on makeup, or at least lipstick, wasn’t an option.

I have had the problem with dry lips for years, and never found a solution until my move. I discovered EOS while standing in the checkout lane at a local Target retailer. As luck would have it, my lips were hurting because they were so dry and this product was the only one available. The selection was null, with only one variety, but I would later learn that EOS has a ton of fun flavors and varieties of lip balms available on Lucky Vitamin, Ulta(http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos) and other stores.

Strawberry Sorbet flavor tasted like a dollop of the finest ice cream doused upon my lips, instantly adding smoothness that I hadn’t felt in so long. I kept the lip balm near, expecting the need for a reapplication minutes later. To my surprise, I went almost the entire day without reapplying, although I did catch myself wanting to jot some on just to enjoy the taste once again.

The EOS lip balm is incredible. I love the flavor, but they give you the whole package and provide a balm that softens the lips, too. EOS uses all-natural products, and pack tons of Vitamin E into the mix. My lips, even with the climate change, have never been better, and I owe it all to Evolution of Smooth lip balm!


Why Women Who Switch To WEN Never Need To Buy Shampoo Ever Again

Thanks to recent studies about the dangers of using popular hair care products, more women are beginning to discover natural alternatives when it comes to caring for their precious hair. Beauty bloggers started the natural hair care revolution by making comprehensive lists of all the toxic chemicals that are frequently found in commercial shampoos and conditioners.

For instance, did you know that most shampoo and conditioner products contain preservatives that have been linked to certain types of cancers? Popular hair care brands are also notorious for loading their products with synthetic fragrances, a blanket term used to describe petroleum-based chemicals that imitate the smells of flowers and herbs. These chemicals also inflame the scalp and frequently lead to dandruff and frizz.

The worst offender of all, however, is sodium lauryl sulfate. Almost every shampoo that you can find in the drug store uses this ingredient. Sodium lauryl sulfate is the foaming agent that gives shampoos a rich lather. The problem is that this ingredient is actually an aggressive and harsh detergent that strips hair of its natural oils. Our hair produces these oils to keep it soft, protected and hydrated. When we use shampoos that contain sulfates, our hair becomes dry, damaged and unmanageable over time.

Luckily, there is a solution to these hair care woes. WEN Cleansing Conditioner has achieved cult status because of its ability to transform damaged hair without the use of any toxic chemicals whatsoever. Instead, WEN Cleansing Conditioner uses botanical extracts like chamomile and rosemary. WEN product leaves hair feeling deeply hydrated with vegetable glycerin, a natural moisturizing agent that is derived from plants.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner. In other words, WEN has created a ridiculously convenient method of hair care. All you have to do is massage WEN Cleansing Conditioner into your scalp while you’re showering, rinse it out 15 minutes later and you’re left with gorgeously shiny and silky hair.

Many notable beauty bloggers have been raving about this product for years. Now, it’s time for the rest of us to catch up and discover the benefits of switching to WEN Cleansing Conditioner so that we can ditch the harmful chemicals forever.

Source: http://chazdean.com/aboutChaz/

Desiree Perez Taking Tidal to New Places

In music, streaming services create big businesses and millions of dollars are made within the sector. Tidal is an underdog in the business, yet the executive Desiree Perez is endeavoring to hysterically change that. She has made it clear that the organization looks ahead to work for some time. Perez owns her personal business and comprehends how to settle those plans that will be the most helpful for the pros and the Tidal business. That is the reason more people are consenting to acknowledge Tidal. There is a person out there getting some awesome courses of action in progress. Des Perez has the right viewpoint for building up the Tidal business.

Tidal has been highlighted in the news taking after the acquiring of a few collection exclusives from some of their notable co-proprietors, for instance, Rihanna, Beyoncé, T.I. moreover, Kanye West. The Tidal application is said to gain ground and is more standard than it once was. This is ascribed first to West’s landing of The Life of Pablo. More than one million people have joined as trial customers since last February. Perez is no longer an outsider to business or media outlets. She is hitched to “OG” Juan Perez who initiates Roc Nation Sports. She has a rep due to her strong negotiation skills and accounting capabilities. Her history and leadership skills to some degree speak to themselves. She is even credited with putting down the deets for Beyoncé’s Formation stadium visit and additionally being a fundamental player in Rihanna’s Samsung deal.

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Perez is moreover part of the strong Hova Circle. The aggregate likewise consolidates her life accomplices among other valuable members like Jay Brown, Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim, and TyTy Smith. It is this group is behind the entire of Roc Nation including Tidal. Presently, Tidal.com has made effort to concentrate more of its services on new & forthcoming music rather than their viably existent rundown of cuts. The firm has been advancing with different categories. Such classifications of currently involve the Tidal Discovery – their list of new discharges, and Tidal Rising – which is the present and coming specialists including Tidal X which gives highlights on select live material.  Hit this related link.

Josh Verne: How to Succeed in Life and Business

In his recent podcast, Josh Verne CEO of FlockU notes that there are 5 key points to becoming successful in life and business.

First, you must be a leader, not just a boss. A boss demands respect and uses his title for his purposes. A leader must earn respect by putting the needs of his people before his own. A leader is able to align his goals with his team, so they work together to accomplish their overall task.

Win-win situations are the only way to move forward. Searching for a win-win will force you to work for the very best solution, instead of whatever simply comes first.

Josh points out that we all have two ears and only one mouth. They should be used in that proportion. You must listen twice as much as you speak.

There must be a balance between life at home, health, and money. Focusing all your efforts towards one aspect of life will leave others lacking. The important thing is to make progress in all areas to achieve overall growth.

Passion leads to success. When you wake up you must want to do something. This passion will drive you to wake up early and work late all while loving what you do.

Josh Verne has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur. In April 2015 he co-founded FlockU.com and is currently the acting CEO. FlockU focuses on making information more convenient and accessible for college students. FlockU also serves as a hub where students can obtain the latest news on campus life.

Josh also founded Workpays. Before his entrepreneurial career, Josh honed his skills at various retail outlets. He was able to drastically increase sales generating over $200 million at these retailers.

The Proficiency of Goettle Air Conditioning in Offering Installation and Maintenance Services

Goettl Air Conditioning is a firm that has been operational for more than seven decades and has specialized in offering top notch installation and maintenance of machines that are used in heat and air conditioning. Gust and Adam Goettl started the business in 1939, and at that time, it mainly operated in Utah. The firm’s ownership has been changing over the years, and it is presently held by Phoenix Peach, LLC, which is Kenneth Goodrich’s companyL \. The customers that Goettl currently serves are mainly based in Las Vegas, Tucson, Utah, and Phoenix. The management team and specialists who work for the firm are highly experienced and have sufficient knowledge about the industry. Their expertise is both in commercial buildings and homes.

The air conditioning company has gained a good reputation for the services that it offers to business places and residential premises. Its solutions are wide ranging, and they include commercial HVAC, indoor air quality, air conditioning, energy efficiency, and heating. Goettl’s technicians are well trained in the fitting and maintenance of radiant heating systems, furnaces, humidifiers, UV germicidal lights, ductless mini splits, fans, and many other air conditioning infrastructures. The company has made its services readily available to the public. Its customer service operates 24/7 and technicians work at any time that they are required.

Goettl has been keen on ensuring that it reaches a wide variety of clients, and therefore, it markets its services. It uses social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to ensure that the public is always updated on the services that it offers. Keeping in touch with the people ensures that they always recall the services that the company offers and can contact it when they need them. The Goettl Air Conditioning’s LinkedIn page is highly professional. It offers the locations that the firm operates, the variety of installation and maintenance services that it offers, and the contact information of all its offices.