DIY Tips to Help You Have Fun This Summer


Feeling like having some fun in the sun this summer? If you are, these DIY tips from Wengie, the blogger of beauty to help with having some summer fun in a crafty sort of way! Here are the DIY tips for Summer Life Hacks EVERYONE Should Know:



  • Chilling in The Pool Without Getting Wet-Just get a kid’s swimming pool and use it like a floating island. You can even put your towels and books in it.
  • Don’t Feel Like Getting up and Grabbing a Drink While in The Pool-Create a floating mini bar using pool noodles and a plastic tub that is wider at the top than the bottom, some thick string and scissors. Create a border around the tub with the noodles by cutting them. Thread the string through your noodles and then tie it together. Then your mini bar is complete and all you need is drinks and ice.
  • Make Legs Feel Smooth-Use olive oil, honey and sugar together in order to create a sugar scrub. After this is created, just shave like normal and use the sugar scrub on the areas shaved.
  • Getting a Temporary Tan-Use cocoa with some body lotion to create a mixture. Then just rub it on, removing is easy, just shower.
  • Make Sunbathing More Fun-Add a pattern to your body using Elmer’s School glue or sunscreen. This will create a tan tattoo.
  • Making Your Face Look Less Oily After Sunscreen-Just add some translucent powder to your face using a thin tissue.
  • Dealing With Itchy Mosquito Bites- Just use toothpaste on the bites to soothe them.
  • Keeping The Mosquitoes Away-All you need are glass jars, oils that mosquitoes hate (like lavender oil and eucalyptus oil), lemon, limes, rosemary, ⅔ jar of water and tea candle or floating candles.
  • Creating Glow in The Dark Lanterns-Just take some glow sticks and some glass jars and cut the glow sticks at the ends and put the liquids into the jars.
  • Protecting Your Stuff on The Beach From Critters and Sand-Use a plastic bin liner and put your stuff in it and then put the liner in your bag.
  • Lost or Forgotten Flip Flops-Just use a harness to clip the flip flops onto the side of your bag and you will have no more lost or forgotten flip flops!

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