Highland Capital Management, L.P. is on the Forefront of the Investment Industry

Highland Capital Management, L. P., an independently owned investment firm has more than 20 years of investment experience. The company has grown to employ more than 180 employees that are based around the globe. The company is based in Dallas, Texas with offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo, as well as New York City. Highland’s client base includes high net individuals, governments, financial institutions, Corporations, Endowments and foundations and pension plans. The focus of Highland is to provide products that offer clients added value with unique products often designed with the client in mind. The company works to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

The company, which is a registered Security Exchange Commission (SEC) entity, manages more than $15 billion in assets. Highland offers alternative investments such as emerging markets, natural resources and long and short equities. Highland continues to expand their product line and did so by taking on several floating rate funds from CAM (Columbia Asset Management.)

Highland was also one of the first investment entities launching CLO’s (collateralized loan obligation). The company structures and monitors the CLO’s totaling more than $30 billion in assets. This makes Highland the largest CLO manager worldwide.

Highland got its start when Mark Okada and James Dondero implemented a partnership with a company named Protective Life Insurance Company. The partnership focused on fixed income markets, especially senior secured bank loans. Three years after forming the initial partnership, the entity morphed into PAMCO (Protective Asset Management Company ). It was an investment advisor, registered with the SEC, owned by Dondero and Okada and Protective Life.

As success spurred Highland growth, Dondero and Okada bought the stake Protective Life had in PAMCO and established Ranger Asset Management (RAM). The next year Ram changed its name to Highland Capital Management, L.P. The company has often led the industry in innovative investment products for its clients and continues to pursue new avenues of opportunities while protecting clients assets.

Despite its success, Highland is still growing and staying at the forefront of the industry. The team at Highland is always pursing excellence in investments and customer service. Highland truly puts its clients first and foremost.

Norman Pattiz Announces New Captivating Show by Norman Lear On PodcastOne

Age is truly nothing but a number, whereas this was clearly illustrated by the spirited and talented 95-year-old Norman Lear. He is truly a man of many talents where he is regarded as among those people who witnessed the birth of television, was able to write, create and produce very many shows. It is not a wonder that he had at one time nine shows airing at the same time. It was truly refreshing when Norman Pattiz announced that Norman Lear would he hosting a refreshing new show at podcastOne.

Norman Lear would without a doubt be able to engage his listeners in a manner that challenges their thinking, whereas at the same time he makes them laugh with witty comedy. He will also cover current affairs, politics, music as well as all manner of social issues that affect the society. This World War II veteran, director, writer, producer and responsible for the creation of classic sitcoms such as Good Times, The Jefferson’s, All In The Family and Maude definitely has so much to offer despite his age. That is why Norman’s able leadership skills were able to scout him and give people a taste of the best. This is further elaborated on https://finance.yahoo.com/news/norman-pattiz-announces-hollywoods-legendary-204000537.html.

Norman Pattiz has had great achievements in the media entrepreneurship, having gained immense experience over the years. He is the founder of PodcastOne as well as its Executive Chairman. He is particularly experienced in the radio syndication aspect, with an impressive experience spanning for more than 40 years. He is also the man who founded Westwood One, a company that rose to become one of America’s largest news provider, entertainment provider, sports, talk as well as traffic programming.

Norman Pattiz visionary entrepreneurial skills ensured that he founded PodcastOne and nurtured it to become one of the leading distributor and producer of audio on-demand programming. This great company is nowadays graced by a hos t of celebrated personalities such as Larry King, Shaquille O’Neal, Dan Patrick, Chris Jericho, Laura Ingraham and many more. Pattiz has ever served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors in the USA, having been appointed by President Clinton in the year 2000 and was later reappointed by President Bush in the year 2002. This only shows how his experience in the media business was respected and is still respected. He is truly an admirable man who has mastered the media business. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/norman-pattiz#/entity

The Untold Story of Honey Birdette’s disputations

In the recent past, Honey Birdette has been making headlines for bad reasons. In the modern world, with the improvements in technology and changes in the market, businesses heavily rely on advertising to reach their existing customers and grab the attention of new clients. On an expert’s point of view, an advert is supposed to bring more benefits to the business. However, when relayed improperly, a single advert may ruin a reputation hardly earned by the company of interest.

Not long ago, some Honey Birdette employees joined models and took to the streets of Sydney, CBD. The move was staged ahead of the federal government’s vote about marriage equality. A couple of individuals across the streets felt that by the brand supporting the marriage equality, it stood a chance of dividing its clientele hence losing the sweet part of the business. According to the brand’s founder and MD, the ‘flash mob’ wasn’t intended to support the marriage equality. instead, it was to appear as a campaign supposed to promote the brand.

The crowd of lingerie-clad ladies walked on the stage area street which was between Pitt Street Mall and Martin place holding signs with messages. From an expert’s point of view, the ‘flash mob’ was way different from a group of protestors as no chanting, and no messages were appearing to support the marriage equality.

According to Eloise Monaghan, the Honey Birdette founder and MD said in an interview that she was amazed that the ‘flash mob’ had generated a good attention in the market. On a different case, Honey Birdette has been in the limelight due to its raunchy ad in Rundle Mall that has brought in controversies from various individuals who view it as offensive. The lingerie store has two posters which have women dressed in a new variety of underwear. To some, the two posters are much offensive for those with kids. However, for the likes of Tracey Henley and her daughter Stacey, the ad is offensive and should be placed inside a closed door, and this has seen Peter Lee work in close collaboration with the store’s management to see the ads removed.

End Citizens United Has Successful Fundraising Year

End Citizens United has earned over $35 million dollars in fundraising efforts for the 2018 midterm election campaign. Although the elections will not take place for over a year yet, the bizarre twists American politics have taken since the 2016 presidential election. The aftermath of the last presidential election has been so bizarre that many people take breaks from following the news to preserve their sanity, but End Citizens United wants to remind Americans to go out and vote in the midterm elections.

The key issue for many people who oppose the president’s agenda is removing his majority in both houses, although political analysts think it is unlikely that any legislation the president supports will make it to his desk. Infighting between moderate and more extreme members of the Republican party has prevented the president from passing a key piece of legislation. Despite repeated attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the bill remains intact. Even an attempt to replace it failed.

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As dangerous as some people find Trump’s ideas, there are other reasons for people to support candidates who support campaign finance reform. End Citizens United formed after a United States Supreme Court decision made it easier for corporations to influence the outcome of elections. A group called Citizens United wished to air a documentary critical of Hillary Clinton several days before a primary election. After a long-drawn out court case, Citzens United won and several key parts of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance act were struck down. Other parts still remain in place, including the part that requires such productions to say who approved the messages contained within such advertisements.

The organization continues its efforts, and one spokesperson did not expect to see such support. Unlike many politicians, the organization gets its funding from people who make less than $100,000 per year. These are the people who are concerned about the undue influence corporations and lobbyists seem to have on members of congress. Those who choose to stay home in 2018 because their votes do not matter do nothing to stop the problem. Their silence merely contributes to it.

Dr. Villanueva’s Change in Dentistry

In an interview with Idea Mensch, they talked about the founder of MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris Villanueva. His idea of a combination between a sole practitioner and a corporate dentistry is changing the lives of dentists and patients. Dr. Villanueva came up with his corporate idea after he graduated dental school. He didn’t only want two option for graduates, he wanted the combination of two worlds in one. Putting doctors and their patients first are his top goal. Dr. Chris Villanueva believes if you hired the best person for a position you should not have to micro manage or look over their shoulder to make sure they are doing their job correctly. Doing it this way gives him more time to improve his ideas and himself.
The future of dentistry interview has some of the same points as his interview with Idea Mansch. Dr. Villanueva talks about his main principle, when he founded MB2, of doctors working with each other to provide for patients than they could by themselves. MB2 Dental has changed the way dental practice is done. What makes Dr. Villanueva different from any other practice is his main focus of success is not profit. His main focus is support, fun environment, independence, and self-growth or improvements. When surrounding your self with smart people you tend to come up with smart ideas together. MB2 Dental combined of modern technology, an expert team, learning from one another, and having dentists taking full control of their own practice has made Dr. Villanueva’s company quite successful. To top it off, MB2 takes a vacation every other year with others who are like themselves to discuss experiences and offer advice to each other.
Dr. Villanueva brought modern vision and a wider range of help into the dentistry world, and this change is changing the lives of many people. Putting youth and a new environment into the dentistry world is going to improve the relationship between doctors and patients. Learning from like minded people with different experiences will improve one another’s skills and future advancements towards a common goal. To be successful one has to follow their dreams and not be distracted by the shiny object in the distance.

Alexandre Gama Is The Right Advertising Consultant For Your Needs Brazilian Executive

Are you trying to advertise or promote your business in Brazil? If you want to promote or advertise your product or business in Brazil, you need to find a goods ad agency or professional. This requires a little research on your part if you don’t have any agency or consultant in mind.

Many enterprises and organizations in Brazil choose Alexandre Gama for their advertising and marketing needs. This is because he has a proven track record in the industry. He strives to deliver top notch marketing and advertising solutions to clients.

Communication is crucial for a good relationship with your advertising agency or marketing consultant. You need to be certain sure the consultant will keep you updated with his work and the outcomes. In order to have a sound relationship, there needs to be commitment and open communication.

Alexandre Gama is a renowned entrepreneur and advertising professional and he understands the need to be reliable and transparent in a business relationship. He works closely with each clients to establish their account, create their advertising and marketing materials and ensures everything goes smoothly. He has a good system in place to track performance and manage the client’s account efficiently.

Alexandre Gama takes the time to know his client’s brand inside and out and makes opening up new projects smoother. It is recommended that you contact Alexandre Gama to have him review your advertising and marketing needs and get started conveying your ad message to your target audience.

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The Role of Individual Effort in Overcoming Human Rights Abuses: The Case of Larkin and Lacey

There is no aspersion in a democratic society that the future of any society is heavily reliant on the ability it has to protect the basic rights and freedoms of its members.

In the social contract, society members came together and relegated themselves to the leviathan in the hope that this common authority would guard against abuse of their inherent rights which they had defended individually in the state of nature.

During the renaissance, Montesquieu enumerated in his famous ‘Spirit of law’ and ‘Treatise of Government’ the need for an institution to safeguard civil liberties with all their strength. Many years after his publication, which he spent twenty years researching, organizations like Human Rights Watch can exemplify the role of tyrannical regimes in perpetrating human rights abuses, discrimination, and injustices.

Human Rights Watch has established offices in many parts of the world. It initially recorded and reported Soviet abuses before embarking on a thorough exposure to serious humanitarian crisis amounting to torture, murder and assassinations of journalists, opposition and individuals in Central America by oppressive dictatorial regimes. The organization won a Nobel Prize for joint advocacy to eradicate landmines in the 1990s. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

This leadership role in America and world over has seen it uncover serious human rights valuation of even unimaginable pedigree. The organization, for example, engineered an investigation that exposed the use of child labor in the Tobacco industry. This is a serious basic rights violation under the UN charter of human rights and the first amendment law.

The detailed report that was well promulgated exposed the pugnacious chain of suppliers whom inclination to obduracy was certain.In response Tobacco giant, Altria issued a policy prohibiting suppliers who hired children under the age of sixteen years.

The successes of these efforts have been necessitated by the group organo structure and financial policy. This has enabled it to maintain independence and therefore help the human right watch group to conduct scientific investigations free from bias and political interference.

The organization accepts no money, directly or directly from any government or organized political societies. It relies on small donations from common citizens who believe that doing something about socio political change in society has never been easy and therefore requires a level of organization like the one put up by Human rights watch.

This realization is similar to what inspired two journalists, Michael and Jim, to establish a fund to assist these human rights watch group. The two journalists were unlawfully detained and jailed by the county sheriff of Maricopa Joe Arpaio for exposing his migrant’s discriminations and rights abuses and illegally directing media houses to report to him editorial works as well as its readers.

The jailing was followed by public outcry after which they were released but went on to sue the county. The lawsuit was successful, and eventually, compensation of $ 3.75 million was given to them.

The two realize the need to financially arm human rights group established the Frontera fund to finance these groups.

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David McDonald Knows How to Run a Company

Running a food company can be complicated especially in a world that is always changing and one that wants to see more sustainability and things that will make the world a better place. David McDonald knows to run the company and also knows that he will be able to do it as successfully as possible when he is working on the different options that are available to the people who are using OSI Group. As the president of a company that provides food to major names like McDonald’s and Starbucks, David McDonald has to be very careful about what he does and where he invests the majority of his time. He knows that all of this will make a difference and it will be able to show people what they are able to get out of the food industry that he is a part of in the different areas that he works.

For David McDonald to be able to continue offering sustainable efforts, he has to make sure that he knows where to get the food and the right sources for all food. He is confident in his own abilities and has come a long way since he first started working with the company. He has also been able to show his clients what they can get from OSI Group thanks to the food that he has sourced and the way that he has been able to acquire different food businesses that are now a major part of the industry.

Since OSI Group continues to grow, David McDonald is always working to come up with new ideas for the company. Now that OSI Group has a fully functional facility in China, they are confident that they can provide that country with everything that they need to ensure that things are going to continue working for them. They hope that they will be able to continue their service there and they will be able to give those clients the experiences that they need to make things work for them no matter what is going on in their own business or with different opportunities.

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Ricardo Tosto and Law in Brazil

Brazilian law is mostly derived from the Portuguese law with the legal system solely based on statutes. However, the 2004 constitutional amendment currently recognizes that prior decisions of the court can be recognized as precedents, in the common law systems. Brazil has one of the highest numbers of legal professionals globally, with 1,029,399 lawyers. Sao Paulo is one of the largest legal centers with 288,975 lawyers, followed closely by Rio de Janeiro with 139, 714 lawyers. Lawyers in Brazil are normally called ‘advogados.’ Lawyers in Brazil are regulated by state bars which are usually overseen by the Brazilian Bar Association-Ordem dos Advogados do Brazil (AOB).

Ricardo Tosto is one of the founders and partner of the firm known asLeite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Ricardo particularly practices in the fields of business restructuring, banking contracts, credit recovery, reorganization, bankruptcy, acquisition review, election law, administrative law, commercial law and civil law. Ricardo previously worked as an adviser of the legal management and HR of the Brazilian company known as GrupoRede .

Who’s who legal nominated Ricardo as among the best commercial litigation lawyers in Brazil. Tosto’s practice is respected by legal 500 and the Brazilian legal publication Analise 500. Ricardo Tosto holds his undergraduate degree in law at Mackenzie with an extension course in Business administration and learn more about Ricardo.

In other activities that Ricardo has been involved in is that he is the former president of the Judicial Reform Committee and the Judicial Modernization Committee at the OAB/SP(Brazilian Bar Association-Sao Paulo section). He is also a strong member of International Bar Association (IBA), a Board of Directors member of Study Center for Attorney Partnerships also known as CESA, a steering committee member of the IMD Alumni Association.

He serves at Consulting Council of Brazilian publishing house, and among the founders of IBEDEP-Brazilian Institute. He is a political and legal noted writer who gives talks. Also Tosto has various articles published in notable magazines and newspapers, and is the co-author of a Brazilian book known as O Processo de Tiradentes and his Facebook.

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The Surprise of Highland Capital Management

When it comes to the perspective of consumers, many of them remain concerned about delving into the investment industry. With that being said, the investment industry poses several risks. To begin, investing remains a ball of confusion to novice investors. This remains attributed to the instability of the industry. At any moment, an investor’s finances can tumble. Another reason why novice investors fear investing includes raising capital. For many investors, they lack the funds necessary to make an investment. Therefore, they choose to opt out of the investment industry. Another reason why consumers do not stick around to invest includes dealing with shady investment companies. To expound further, countless investment companies exist that exploit their clients.

However, Highland Capital Management remains the total opposite. With that being said, Highland Capital Management remains known for its superior customer service and trustworthy staff. To expound further, Highland Capital Management remains an industry leader. For over 20 years, the company has ushered in a new era of investing. In addition, the company remains an SEC-registered investment company. As a result, the company remains responsible for $15.4 billion of assets. Moreover, James Dondero and Mark Okada remain responsible for the company’s conception. Due to their efforts, the company became one of the largest alternative credit managers in the world. In addition, the company also remains one of the most experienced alternative credit managers in the world. In particular, the company remains adept in formulating credit strategies.

As a result, these include credit hedge funds, separate accounts, and so forth. In addition, the company also provides its clients with alternative investments. These include long equities, short equities, and natural resources. Furthermore, the company’s client base includes public pension plans, foundations, endowments, corporations, governments, and so forth. With that being said, the company remains headquartered in Dallas, Texas. However, it has operations around the world. These include the United States and Asia. Aside from the company’s business endeavors, it also has a softer side. To expound further, the company remains involved in the community. Since 2005, the company has donated millions of dollars to non-profit organizations.