Avaaz Reaches Out To Help The Areas Suffering From Natural Disasters

Avaaz is a global organization that never stops fighting for what they believe in and what they know is right. They have made donations to incredibly worthwhile causes totaling tens of millions of dollars. More than half of this amount has been given after catastrophic humanitarian disasters so lives could be saved and rebuilt. Avaaz is able to send money where it is desperately needed quickly because of their agility and reach across the globe.

When Burma was decimated by a devastating cyclone and more than 100,000 people were killed Avaaz was there. Almost every single NGO was banned from Burma due to suspicious rulings from the generals. They allowed very little aid to enter and this aid was sent far from the areas that had received the most damage. Avaaz managed to bypass the restrictions in just 48 hours and began to work with the networks of monks. In many areas the only structures left were the monasteries. The most badly damaged area was the river delta and this is where Avaaz sent help. The money they sent exceeded most of the governments and arrived quickly through their local networks. Avaaz was incredibly proud and they should have been applauded for their efforts.

When the worst floods in history covered Pakistan in 2010 Avaaz was there. In only a few days they managed to raise $1 million and used local groups to get the money on the ground at top speed. When Haiti was left in ruins by a severe earthquake Avaaz came to the rescue. Thousands of their members made contributions totaling over $1.3 million so recovery and relief could begin. The funds were sent to exceptional local groups who used the money to buy food kits, medicine, and provide desperately needed shelter.

In 2015 Nepal was suffering the effects of a terrible earthquake and Avaaz teamed up with numerous efforts for local relief. Devastated villagers were supplied with medical supplies, food, and shelter because of Avaaz. Once again Avaaz was there.

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