Neurocore presents: Four Factoids to Note About Mental Illness and Depression

In honor of mental health awareness, a debilitating affliction that affects the population of the United States in striking numbers – almost 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness during a year – here is a breakdown of the most common mental health issue, depression.

A recent study by neurocore, a brain performance center, reveals fascinating things about depression, particularly major depression. These are statistics, facts, and insights, that are unknown to many.

Compare the following four depression factoids with your current depression knowledge:

1. The incidence of depression can grow and form, without external mitigating factors: nature vs. nurture…the debate goes on. A person could have a life that society defines as “depression-proof”, solid job, accomplished life, intelligence – stellar community standing perhaps. This is not so – there is a genetic link, depression runs in families.

2. Depressive disorders come in different shapes and sizes: some are longer lasting, such as Persistent Depressive Disorder.

3. The symptoms of depression can vary considerably are not always apparent: There are some people that show zero symptoms externally, these are High-Functioning Depressives

4. Depressed brains look different: Everything takes a toll on the body, including depression. The physical effects can take the form of loss of breath, anxiety, stomach upset and headaches. A depressed brain operates differently, the structure is even different.

Neurocore is a network of centers offering assessments and neurofeedback treatment and technology. Neurocore is proud to treat the following:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Sleep
• Teen ADHD
• Adult ADHD
• Autism
• Migraines
• Stress

Neurocore offers center tours so interested consumers can visit the property and speak with a team of qualified professionals. Attend a complimentary lunch on site, learn about the cutting-edge technology behind neurocore, hosted exclusively by the Director of Clinic Operations.

Currently, there are centers throughout:

• Bloomfield Hills
• Grand Rapids
• Holland
• Sterling Heights
• Boca Raton
• Grandville
• Livonia
• Palm Beach Gardens

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