Enlightening Interesting Details on Greg Secker

The bubbly Greg Secker is an inspirational leader who has made an impact on the financial trading sector. He is the CEO of Learn To Trade. His case is a unique one considering that he never studied for such kind of trading but rather on agriculture. However, his is a true definition of hands-on experience.

He started off at Thomas Cook Financial services where his background to coding helped him come up with the firm’s first-ever virtual trading desk. It is through this that he was awarded the British Telecom Award which recognized his innovation. While on campus, he had familiarized himself with coding which came in handy in the new company. He was involved with various traders who required coding of their strategies.

How did he get to trading? Well, his contact with financial traders who all needed coding ensured that he familiarized himself with their different strategies to avoid any error. It is this series of coding that he was able to understand how different strategies work and their implication on the market.

After some time, he later moved on to Mellon Financial Corporation where he became the vice president. He proceeded on to an investment bank in the US. He was able to work with some of the most aggressive traders globally. It’s through this experience that he decided to open his own company, Learn to Trade.

He also launched SmartCharts, which is a trading software. It’s a simplification of the whole comprehensive trading process with an effort to increase performance. Through his company, he has been able to hold numerous seminars involving financial trading. He believes that everybody should have an equal chance of getting to know how the market works.

His philanthropic work has gained him a massive following. His Greg Secker Foundation has been able to help people towards education stability. He started a project in the Philippines to construct 100 permanent houses for the deserving needy people. March 2017 was a life changer for him as he became a board member at the Ambassadors for City Philanthropy.

For investors who are starting out on the investment journey, they can check out his informative books to get an overview of the tricks towards their success.

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