Clay Siegall increases the therapeutic window for cancer drugs by orders of magnitude

One of the most serious problems that have traditionally plagued chemotherapeutic drugs has been the inability of doctors to administer high dosages at any given time. This is a direct consequence of the severe side effects that normally ensue from ingesting large doses of chemotherapy, which is nothing more than poison that kills fast-reproducing cells. Unfortunately, these cytotoxic agents have long been the most effective way to treat most types of cancer. They have been responsible for the dramatic improvement in mortality rates of almost all types of cancer since the beginning of the 20th century.

However, many types of cancer eventually become non-responsive to chemotherapy. This is not so much a product of the ineffectiveness of the drug itself, but instead, it is a reflection of the fact that sufficient quantities of the drug simply cannot be safely administered to patients. This has led to many cancer researchers attempting to find ways to increase the amount of chemotherapeutic agents that can be administered safely to patients at any given time.

Oncologists refer to this low safe dosage as a narrow therapeutic window. The therapeutic window is the range of dosages between the minimum amount required to produce a clinical effect and the maximum amount that can be administered without putting the patient into a state of overdose. The goal within cancer drug development has long been to create a cancer drug that has a much wider therapeutic window than the traditional chemotherapy agents.

Clay Siegall has been leading the charge to create such drugs. As founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, the only biotech firm in the world dedicated completely to the development of antibody drug conjugates, a class of targeted cancer therapy drugs, Dr. Siegall has long had it as a goal to create a drug that allows for massive infusions of lethal cytotoxins directly to the site of tumors.

Through the creation of antibody drug conjugates, Dr. Siegall has been able to do this. With his drug ADCetris, Dr. Siegall has created the first FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate, a drug which has been saving thousands of lives each year and is proving the concept of antibody drug conjugates.

Lori Senecal: Unique approaches to classic marketing problems

Lori Senecal is a women CEO and leader in the marketing and advertising world. Lori Senecal became CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky and the company has seen amazing results ever since. Boosting Revenue by over 21% she has turn the company into an average performer into a standout, pushing risky and unique campaigns that are tailored to the individual product.

What’s most notable about her leadership style is ensure that no idea goes unconsidered how each campaign doesn’t follow the same boilerplate methods each time. Lori understands that things that were effective for one campaign are not necessarily effective for another.

According to Ad Week, campaigns for highly interactive products featured campaigns that were equally interactive. When marketing the latest installment in the NBA 2K series, CP + B designed and set up an in game feature that allowed to link their Fitbit activity to the game, earning stat increases for there in game basketball team.


For a market filled with many competing services, they designed and promoted new ways for the product to benefit its users. For classified ad app LetGo they created the commercializer allowing users to create good-looking professional TV style advertisements for users to promote their products. By helping users to promote their products, not only did the app become more useful, it also was able to spread in terms of actual downloads reaching over 45 million just recently.

It is this model of unique but approachable Business campaigns that has helped Lori Senecal achieving success that she has in her company. For her marketing and advertising is more than getting the word out, a good campaign can add value to the product and even offer insight to the client about how to improve their offerings beyond the company’s current product offerings. For Lori, risk has paid off in a big way, and differentiated her from the rest of the marketing world in a big way.

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Felipe Montoro Share His Insights On The Water Issue In Brazil

The Government has as of late said an organization with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. With this association, one of the issues that the two gatherings intend to address is the water tainting that is happening in Brazil in specific regions. Amid a concession, they will address the “fundamental sanitation” requirements for Brazil. The leader of Trata Brasil, Edison Carlos, specified a few critical statics. For example, in Brazil 90% of their sanitation administrations are “performed by open power, and of these, around 70% of clients are served by state associations.”

Trata Brasil is an association intended to address general medical problems in Brazil. The National Bank of Economic and Social Development will audit studies for each express that the association serves, to make activities intends to address the particular needs of every range. Carlos says that one group is incredibly worried about water defilement. He trusts that the innovation that private ventures are right now utilizing will hinder the water tainting issues in Brazil. That is the reason an organization is greatly essential as of now.

Felipe Montoro Jens specified that it is vital to consider the cost of such a proposition, and is likewise significant to consider the drafting of the agreements. Every aspect ought to be analyzed completely all together for the activity intends to be effective. These obligations will be appointed to the legislature of Brazil amid the concession. This will be done to guarantee lucidity.

Felipe Montoro Jens has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Fundao, and a Master in International Management from the American Garvin School of International Management. He manages the arranging, controlling, treasury, corporate and venture fund divisions in Brazil as an individual from the top managerial staff. He proceeds to effectively demonstrate his sense of duty regarding Brazil by resulting that the subjects in every group are getting the best personal satisfaction.

How Rocketship Education Is Helping Illegal Immigrant Families Take Hold in the United States

In the slow, relatively small establishment of Redwood City, California, Rocketship Education was founded as a joint effort between Preston Smith and John Danner in 2007. Today, the system of public charter schools have expanded to a count of eighteen, with more than 20,000 students spread across its network. It has schools in the eastern United States, as far as the Washington DC area, back to its home state with 12, found as north as bordering the Great Lakes in Milwaukee, with several schools in the Southeast’s own Nashville.

Preston Smith, Rocketship Education’s co-founder and president of nearly five years, began his career as an educator in San Jose, a largely low-income area with a naturally low level of educational quality. He quickly found that many of the area’s families, especially those with the lowest incomes, were largely Hispanic, having emigrated to the great United States in recent years.

While there was no way for him to know if students’ family members were in America illegally or not, he safely assumed that many of them were there without formally registering. As such, when he developed Rocketship Education, he found that mandating each location to be “safe zones” in regard to deportation was great for bringing in young children of Mexican – although not exclusively Mexican – origin that otherwise wouldn’t find high educational attainment because their parents and guardians felt they could get arrested by sting operations at the schools their children attended. It’s also reasonable to assume that this characteristic of RSED would offer the opportunity of solid foundations of elementary education, although it’s impossible to tell.

Further, Rocketship Education’s eighteen locations are active in advocating public action in favor of immigration, especially in California in regards to Mexican immigration. One of the many ways that Preston Smith is helping parents take action is by hosting community meetings whose focus is on such immigration. Coupled with the fact that Rocketship’s facilities are safe havens for “illegal” families.

Another way RSED – Rocketship Education – is taking action for illegal immigrants whose students are enrolled is through offering bilingual immigrant rights resource cards at no charge.

Neurocore presents: Four Factoids to Note About Mental Illness and Depression

In honor of mental health awareness, a debilitating affliction that affects the population of the United States in striking numbers – almost 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness during a year – here is a breakdown of the most common mental health issue, depression.

A recent study by neurocore, a brain performance center, reveals fascinating things about depression, particularly major depression. These are statistics, facts, and insights, that are unknown to many.

Compare the following four depression factoids with your current depression knowledge:

1. The incidence of depression can grow and form, without external mitigating factors: nature vs. nurture…the debate goes on. A person could have a life that society defines as “depression-proof”, solid job, accomplished life, intelligence – stellar community standing perhaps. This is not so – there is a genetic link, depression runs in families.

2. Depressive disorders come in different shapes and sizes: some are longer lasting, such as Persistent Depressive Disorder.

3. The symptoms of depression can vary considerably are not always apparent: There are some people that show zero symptoms externally, these are High-Functioning Depressives

4. Depressed brains look different: Everything takes a toll on the body, including depression. The physical effects can take the form of loss of breath, anxiety, stomach upset and headaches. A depressed brain operates differently, the structure is even different.

Neurocore is a network of centers offering assessments and neurofeedback treatment and technology. Neurocore is proud to treat the following:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Sleep
• Teen ADHD
• Adult ADHD
• Autism
• Migraines
• Stress

Neurocore offers center tours so interested consumers can visit the property and speak with a team of qualified professionals. Attend a complimentary lunch on site, learn about the cutting-edge technology behind neurocore, hosted exclusively by the Director of Clinic Operations.

Currently, there are centers throughout:

• Bloomfield Hills
• Grand Rapids
• Holland
• Sterling Heights
• Boca Raton
• Grandville
• Livonia
• Palm Beach Gardens

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Things you need to Know about Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and has over the past years helped other entrepreneurs as well as other interested parties in achieving the entrepreneurial goals. The renowned business man is the founder of Digital Evolution, and he successfully launched his own computer database company at a very young age. Through his expertise, Eric has profoundly contributed to the revolutionization of many firms through his expertise. Eric`s vast knowledge in use of modern technology has also seen him invent great products that have served a great use in today’s ever changing market.

The great entrepreneur has always been persistent in his works and has never turned back whenever it comes to work. He believes that hard work and commitment are the fundamental factors for success in a venture as they help a focused individual quickly achieve their set goals within a short period. Besides, Eric encourages investors always to have a positive attitude whenever they are performing their daily activities as negative attitudes tend to discourage one not to keep pressing on to their operations, and as a result, it leads to them giving up hence the failure.

The highly sought entrepreneur is also a great innovator and having put innovation at the forefront, he has successfully developed new ideas that have brought a significant change in today’s world. Its large success and contribution to the development of the world’s economy are notable, and a vast number of individuals have apprehended his work. Eric also insists that firm owners should always place a high value on their customers and ensure that they offer a quick response to their claims and needs as they are the primary reason why firms develop.

Besides being a great innovator and entrepreneur, Eric is also a great philanthropist and author. He cares a lot about other people’s welfare and through his commitment to helping people develop themselves, he has taken part in a significant number of charitable foundations with the aim of contributing to raising the living standards of the needy. His partnership with President Bill Clinton to develop a less costly cloud computing system to address the needs of the disadvantaged is one of his major achievements. He has also mentored many young people as well as a significant number of entrepreneurs with a focus on achieving their set goals. He also urges entrepreneurs to market their products to increase their number of customers.

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Nathaniel Ru: The Truth about Sweetgreen

It’s nearly impossible to launch an original company these days; everyone’s just doing what the leading companies do. That’s not the case for Sweetgreen co-CEO Nathaniel Ru. He and the other co-CEOs found a way to create a success salad chain restaurant. Who knew people would want to go to a restaurant that only serves salads?

Despite the simplicity of that concept, the idea is paying off. So far, the company has 40 locations spanning the east coast and a few on the west coast. Sweetgreen also attracted big-name investors to their business concept: healthy, fresh, organic, and locally grown.

The success of Sweetgreen means more than profit for Ru. It’s also about feeding people better food in a more self-sustaining manner. In a way, Sweetgreen can be called a “hippy-owned business”. A lot of their strategies revolve around caring more about their customers than their profit margins.

Because Sweetgreen is a modern company, it fully embraces the use of technology. Some companies aren’t at that point yet, but Sweetgreen is taking advantage of people’s love of technology.

Ru even says in an interview that technology is deeply embedded in the company’s foundation. He and the other co-CEOs are tech pioneers in the way they’ve applied technology to their company.

The trio has also been pioneers of innovative managing techniques. Continuing their “hippy-business strategy, they don’t approve of traditional corporate offices. While they do have offices, they regularly shut those down so that their workers can spend time behind the counter of their restaurants.

This enables everyone at the company to experience face-to-face customer interaction. While it’s not the most practical way of running a business, it is the most effective. Even with offices now open on the west coast, the co-CEOs travel back and forth to continue growing their company.

Behind Sweetgreen is a strong friendship that was formed over a decade ago. The three co-founders met in an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University.

Nathaniel Ru don’t teach real life lessons at college, but the trio learned from their entrepreneur parents. All of their parents immigrated to the U.S. and started their businesses.

The three of them had firsthand experiences passed down to them. Despite that advantage, they experienced some early on doubt about whether their little restaurant would survive, but it did.


How perfect performance has led to the success of James Dondero

James as the CEO of Highland Capital Management
The growing demand for quality services has seen James Dondero receive a lot of endorsements for very lucrative positions. Currently, Dondero holds the prestigious position of the President of the Highland Capital Management. The company is currently one of the richest in Dallas. It helps investors to make good choices when it comes to real estate. It equally develops different structures and makes good sales to the interested clients.
The journey to entrepreneurship
As James was growing up, he had an idea that he wanted to be an entrepreneur someday. Like any other ambitious young man, Mr. Dondero did not have a particular business in mind. He kept the dream of owning a company to himself and proceeded with the normal race of life. After graduating from the University of Virginia, James got a job at the Protective Life where he realized his potential in business. Later, Dondero was appointed as the chief investment officer at the American Express where he made a lot of profits for the company. His outstanding performances provoked his thoughts for owning a business. Later, James Dondero with his partner Mark Okada proceeded with their plans to start the Highland Capital Management. Currently, the company has over $20 billion in assets.
Giving back to the community
The Highland Capital Management is currently based in Dallas. The company has over 165 employees who all work in the capital. As a moral duty, James Dondero and his co-founder Mark Okada have ensured that most of the employees reside in Dallas. The provision of employment has been an important step in empowering the people around so that they can be independent. As an individual, James takes part in the development activities in Dallas both in appearance and in financial aid.
The philanthropic work
Unlike most of the millionaires in the United States, James loves to do his charity work in private. He does not just support any activity unless there is a positive impact on the society. Currently, the CEO has his focus on the education sector where he has a strong desire to help students go through their education process successfully.

The excellent creation of lingerie products by Honey Birdette

One of the most enjoyed lingerie brands in Australia, Honey Birdette, has announced the introduction of the brand to the American market. The lingerie brand has equally developed plans to expand the services to the United Kingdom. In this plan, the number of stores is expected to rise from three to 40 in the two countries.
The move was advised after there was a potential of the online sales in the United States. Having started the company in Brisbane in 2006, the CEO Eloise Monaghan confirms that the US market registered an increment of 374% in the online sales. Most of the customers make their orders through the internet, and this takes time to reach them. The idea of having a potential market in the United States and the United Kingdom was the reason to support the move in opening stores in these countries. Since the clients have to wait for longer to receive their orders, having stores in those countries would make the process of sales to be faster and more effective. The company has equally announced attractive after sales services like delivery to the customers regardless of their locations. For the orders that cost above $50, the company has announced plans to offer free delivery
The operation principles of Honey Birdette
Currently, there are several lingerie products in the United States, Britain and in Australia. Most clients still opt to go for the online sales from this company. One of the reasons why Honey Birdette is a favorite to any clients is the quality of their products. The creativity of their creation increases the desire of the consumers. Equally, the company has a responsive policy where the satisfaction of the clients is the major focus.
The origin of the idea
One shocking fact is that Honey Birdette was started over a glass of champagne. Two friends were drinking, and they expressed their dissatisfaction with the current styles of lingerie. The existing styles did not give much pleasure to the eyes as they would desire. The dissatisfaction led to the creation of a new brand of product which has taken over the market today.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Twitter @honeybirdette

End Citizens United Strengthens Its Anti Citizens United Campaigns

End Citizens United has been fighting hard to reverse the court ruling that lead to the creation of super PAC, a move the organization claims has enabled the flow of dirty money into political campaigns. In its second year of operation, End Citizens United has made significant steps through improving the number of lawmakers in support of its constitutional amendment agenda. Citizen United remains one of the organization’s main opponents. James Bopp, a white-haired Indiana lawyer, has been representing Citizens United in court. The lawyer first rose into fame in 2008 when he tried to fight for the organization to air a film known as Hillary: The Movie. Through the movie, the lawyer sought to show that the politician (Hillary) was a ‘European Socialist’ and was not fit to become the president of the United States. He won the case.

After two years, Citizens United won a Supreme Court ruling that reversed the 100-year-old Lamberth ruling on election finance. The court ruled that corporations had the same First Amendment rights as average voters. To this end, they are free to participate in the support or defeat of candidates. This move allowed for the inflow of money into campaigns, funding that was traditionally considered unconstitutional. At 63 years, Bopp has continued to fight against any campaign-finance regulation. Organizations such as End Citizens United have been created to specifically handle the threat created by Bopp and his organization. James Bopp holds a degree in economic chemistry from the Indiana University. He comes from a family of doctors.

End Citizens United has embarked in a strong campaign against Citizens United, its leader, and their activities. These efforts can be seen by the improved campaigns done by the organizations. The group started the year with strong funding campaigns that saw them raise over $4 million in just three months of the campaign. The money is a portion of the $35 million that the group aims to raise before the midterm elections that are scheduled for 2018. Over 100,000 donors across the United States donated the money. Out of this number, 40,000 were first time donors to the group. According to the group, the money will be used to fund the organization’s operations and democratic candidates to both the Congress and Senate.

Contrary to Citizens United’s open arm to all donations, End Citizens United limits the amount of money that donors can contribute. They are limited to donating a maximum of $5000 each. Notably, End Citizens United does not accept funds from corporations. These limits ensure that the group is true to its cause. In the last elections, the group raised $25 million that was used to fund several candidates, who were supporting their cause, to the Congress and Senate. The group is confident that with time, it will be able to raise the number of supporters of its cause to undertake a constitutional amendment on campaign-finance in both houses.