Construcap: Excelling In the Brazilian Construction Industry

The Brazilian construction industry has experienced substantial growth, reaching almost 5% of the Brazilian GDP due to the increase in construction activities. This has been accompanied by an increased need for structural and behavioral changes both in administrative and managerial procedures as well as in production processes. Such changes are vital in attaining long-term solutions to modernize operations, improve quality and reduce the price of products.


Despite the slow economic growth in Brazil, the construction industry has grown due to several factors. Among these factors are low-interest rates which make banks willing to provide credit, a rise in construction sales and an increased number of new building projects. Additionally, it is forecasted that the government investment in infrastructure projects will increase. It is expected that the government will be quick in approving infrastructure budgets which could result in fewer delays in awarding contracts to general contractors.


Construction company’s profit margins are expected to grow this year and it is forecasted that both insolvencies and payment delays will sharply reduce in 2017. The current competitive environment will promote the implementation of new managerial and technological processes, hence improving the overall efficiency and profitability of the construction sector.


Construcap is one of the Brazilian construction companies that have made a huge impact on the country’s economy. The company is among the top ten largest construction companies in Brazil, and it operates in several sectors of the construction industry including the commercial, industrial and heavy construction market. It provides a vast scope of services including pre-operations, structured projects, engineering, heavy construction and electromechanical assembly.


The company operates as Construcap Group with company members performing specialized tasks. The Group is made up of the following companies:


  • Construcap CCPS Engineering and Trade – this is the main company, and it specializes in buildings, industrial and infrastructure projects.


  • CMO Construction and Assembly Off-Shore – this company deals with the development of modern solutions that meet the needs of the offshore and naval sector in Brazil as well as the foreign market.


  • CFPS Engineering Projects – this is a Brazilian company made from a joint venture between Construcap and American Fluor. It provides integrated engineering services to the oil and gas, energy, pharmaceutical and mining areas.

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