Ricardo Tosto and Law in Brazil

Brazilian law is mostly derived from the Portuguese law with the legal system solely based on statutes. However, the 2004 constitutional amendment currently recognizes that prior decisions of the court can be recognized as precedents, in the common law systems. Brazil has one of the highest numbers of legal professionals globally, with 1,029,399 lawyers. Sao Paulo is one of the largest legal centers with 288,975 lawyers, followed closely by Rio de Janeiro with 139, 714 lawyers. Lawyers in Brazil are normally called ‘advogados.’ Lawyers in Brazil are regulated by state bars which are usually overseen by the Brazilian Bar Association-Ordem dos Advogados do Brazil (AOB).

Ricardo Tosto is one of the founders and partner of the firm known asLeite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Ricardo particularly practices in the fields of business restructuring, banking contracts, credit recovery, reorganization, bankruptcy, acquisition review, election law, administrative law, commercial law and civil law. Ricardo previously worked as an adviser of the legal management and HR of the Brazilian company known as GrupoRede .

Who’s who legal nominated Ricardo as among the best commercial litigation lawyers in Brazil. Tosto’s practice is respected by legal 500 and the Brazilian legal publication Analise 500. Ricardo Tosto holds his undergraduate degree in law at Mackenzie with an extension course in Business administration and learn more about Ricardo.

In other activities that Ricardo has been involved in is that he is the former president of the Judicial Reform Committee and the Judicial Modernization Committee at the OAB/SP(Brazilian Bar Association-Sao Paulo section). He is also a strong member of International Bar Association (IBA), a Board of Directors member of Study Center for Attorney Partnerships also known as CESA, a steering committee member of the IMD Alumni Association.

He serves at Consulting Council of Brazilian publishing house, and among the founders of IBEDEP-Brazilian Institute. He is a political and legal noted writer who gives talks. Also Tosto has various articles published in notable magazines and newspapers, and is the co-author of a Brazilian book known as O Processo de Tiradentes and his Facebook.

More Visit: https://br.linkedin.com/in/ricardo-tosto-9556a817

Bruno Fagali’s and Ethics in the Work Place

Bruno Fagali is passionate about ethical issues and good practices in business. He is an employee of New/sb, Bob Vieira’s company. His principal responsibility in the company is to ensure that all practices of law the company and its leadership are above board. Most allegations and instances of corruption happen upon companies inadvertently, which is why Bruno is hired to prevent these instances.

Bob underlines the need for caution in business matters. By hiring Bruno, he leaves nothing to chance in his effort to ensure his business is not associated with corrupt practices due to ignorance. New/sb works in partnership with CGU so as to ensure it is compliant with integrity requirements. Bruno’s task therefore is to closely monitor New/sb and its practices, making sure that no ethical principal law is bent or ignored accidentally or purposefully. To this end, the company also has an ’employee ethics committee’.

New/sb prides itself, under the stewardship of Bruno, for creating a ‘code of conduct’ that respects and follows the anti-corruption law. By consulting with CGU, New/sb became the only corporate to team up with CGU in an effort to mitigate corrupt practices with rules. New/sb is now the first company run and owned by Brazilians to participate in the ‘international advertising competition’. Another first for New/sb is its move to forward its ‘code of conduct’ to CGU, the chief organ of transparency in Brazil.

Corporate Integrity

Bruno Fagali has been put in charge of the ‘corporate integrity program’ owing to his no nonsense on corruption and unethical practices. Training groups are set up in Sao Paulo and other cities like Rio de Janiero to manage the integrity programs. Bruno Fagali is charged with the overall management of these programs.

Academic Qualifications

Bruno and other advocates started the FAGALI advocacy. He is a master’s degree holder in law. He graduated from USP with his LLM. As an advocate, he specializes in administrative law. He is also an authority in compliance law, electoral and public law. His credentials also include anti-corruption.

Bruno’s graduated with his first degree, an LLB from PUC. He coordinates matters of ethics in advertising at the ‘Brazil Institute of Business Law and Ethics’.