Gregory James Aziz, Building a Winning Brand

Gregory James Aziz is one of the most successful businessmen in the North America, his evidence of success can be attributed to his expertise and capability of transcending a single industry sector to achieve success in many different areas of the industry in a career taking more than four decades. Has made a name for himself, he has reached international business success as the Chair, President, and CEO of the National Steel Car brand. Born in 1949 London, Ontario, he has achieved much in his career that has enabled him to serve in the world’s leading financial investment firms and North America’s largest fresh food importer.

The National Steel Car brand was started in 1912 as the Imperial Steel Car brand. The company achieved its early success at the height of the expansion of the railways across North America at the initial stages of the 20th-century. In 2004 the National Steel Car had declined, the company only employed about 600 employees and produced about 3,000 freight cars each year. Gregory Aziz made a bold move by acquiring the fallen brand. After taking over the company Gregory ensured that the history of the company was honored, he implemented a strategy of developing new products and technologies that were beyond government based standards in North America and ensured that the firm’s customers are pleased with their products.

Gregory Aziz is a committed leader. He has led in the determination of pursuit of engineering and manufacturing excellence. His commitment to success has enabled his firm to be the best in the building of new railroad freight car each year. The excellent business performance allows firm to earn ISO 9001:2008 certification and it has held this honor for the last 18 years. Since 1996 the company has been consistently been honored with the TXT SECO top quality.

Through involving the former team members of the company, Gregory ensures that the history of the National Steel Car brand is honored. His leadership style has ensured that the firm is profitable. The company holds annual Holidays Party attended by more than 3,000 employees who are currently working for the enterprise, and the former employees who participates in these events are honored.

One of the beneficiaries of the National Steel Car success is the local community of Ontario, Canada. The local community has benefited in a great way, National Steel Car and Gregory James Aziz have become major sponsors of the several community events in the area. National Steel Car involves the current and former employees to take part in its annual food drives to benefit local food banks delivering helping the less fortunate members of the community.