ClassDojo: A Companion, A Facilitator and a Miracle Worker for Modern Teachers


Modern American classrooms reflect so much of what is going on the nation today. There are different people from different backgrounds and their perspective about life, discipline and education in general is extremely different. It is extremely hard for teachers to make an impact in today’s classroom settings. As a matter of fact, without the proper tools and support; most teachers could not effectively do their jobs.

ClassDojo is a great application that was created in 2011 by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. These two men understand the struggle in modern classrooms and used their knowledge to create an app that can help to keep teachers, parents and students on the same page.

ClassDojo is a great companion for teachers. It helps them to keep track of their student’s performance and it is also useful helping students to stay on task. The app is a facilitator because teachers can install it on their phone, link it to a parent’s phone and then use it to contact them when the need arises. This is beneficial because it is a big frustration for teachers when they cannot get a hold of parents when they have to be in touch.

At least 90% of all elementary school districts across the country are now members of ClassDojo. They use the app to send parental messages and to assign homework when necessary. Parents like ClassDojo because they can figure out what their child is doing throughout a typical school day. The app also provides a practical way for parents and teachers to deal effectively with students when things get out of control.

ClassDojo could be called a miracle worker for the classroom but it is not. There is no such thing as a perfect classroom but teachers can get close to it as possible. ClassDojo just helps to make this possible. This is a tool and a support system that makes life better for all students, teachers and parents who are using this technology.

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