Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Oral Appliances

Avi Weisfogel is one of the most significant graduates of the New York School of Dentistry. For the school, it has always struggled to activate better business deals in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. If you want to activate your industrial business capabilities, be sure to consult Avi Weisfogel as a better business entity in the world of business and medicine, his reputation in the industry has been unparalleled to match solutions capacitated in the world. For over two decades of professional experience, Avi Weisfogel has worked to develop more than 150 therapies used in treating sleep apnea. Sleep apnea has no known cure. For this reason, these therapies can be advanced to activate better business solutions.

According to research conducted by the American Dentistry Association, sleep apnea has no cure. However, numerous therapies can be developed to help you treat the disease. The same research also states that this disease will be capacitated with animated solutions in a way that has no cure in the industry. Sleep apnea also has its occurrence manifested among the older people in society. Avi Weisfogel has also researched into the occurrence of the disease. According to him, the disease has faced more solutions in the industry to activate better business solutions in a way that has protracted business deals.

More research into the disease reveals its relationship with other chronic illnesses like stroke and diabetes. According to Avi Weisfogel, the disease can also be manifested among the people suffering from heart attack. If you are a patient suffering from such chronic illnesses, be sure to be diagnosed with sleep apnea as it is a common illness among people with this condition. Avi Weisfogel has focused activities in finding the gap between sleep apnea and the medical therapies. Avi Weisfogel is also recognized in the medical industry as one of the best dentists in the world. Click here to know more.

The most common form of sleep apnea is the obstructive sleep apnea. This is one of the newest disorders that halt sleep due to increased breathing rate. In this case, you can skip your breath and develop fast a complication.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel Leading the Way in the Fight against Sleep Apnea

As the devastating effects of sleep apnea become increasingly apparent, the pressure to find an efficient way to counter them continues to mount. Current medical research provides strong evidence that sleep apnea is associated with other severe conditions such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Unfortunately, the larger majority of sleep apnea cases go undiagnosed. Nine out of ten victims that suffer from this seeping disorder go undetected and read full article.

For Dr. Avi Weisfogel and his team of specialists at Dental Masters, the urgency to diagnose and treat sleep apnea has never been greater. Dr. Weisfogel is a graduate of Rutgers University where he received a BA in Biology and Psychology. After his graduation, he joined New York University College of Dentistry where he earned a DDS. For about 20 years, Dr. Weisfogel has been actively involved in the treatment of sleep disorders.

In 1999, Dr. Weisfogel founded his first dental facility, Old Bridge Dental Care, which he ran for well over 15 years. Over this period, Dr. Weisfogel researched extensively on dental related sleep disorders. On many occasions, his dedication to providing dental care solutions led to his recognition as Best Dentist in the community. After founding many companies, devoted to the research and treatment of sleep disorders through dental care, Dr. Weisfogel established Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. This new facility is equipped with state-of-the-art sleep labs dedicated to helping dentists identify and cure sleep illnesses through the use of dental appliances.

By providing insight into the early diagnosis of sleep apnea, Dr. Weisfogel and his team of dentists and sleep physicians hope to help patients find relief from their discomfort. The sleep disorder causes its victims to wake up for up to more than 30 times a night. Timely diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea will also help avert other dangerous health issues such cardiovascular disease and learn more about Avi.

NJ dentist, Avi Weisfogel, revolutionizes sleep apnea treatment

Avi Weisfogel, a NJ dentist with a background in marketing, had been practicing dentistry for over a decade. He had built his practice from scratch into one of the premier dental practices in the Old Bridge, NJ, area. Over a period of a year or two, he slowly came to the insight that many disease processes with etiologies in the mouth, head and neck area had early signs that could be easily recognized by dentists. Being an expert in marketing, he started looking for one of these diseases that may be underdiagnosed or undertreated.

After a couple years of intense personal research, he had found what he was looking for. Sleep apnea, a potentially fatal condition, went undiagnosed in almost 90% of those who suffered from it. It wasn’t until the disease’s late stages, when treatment became more difficult and many of its effects were likely to be irreversible, that patients sought treatment from their doctor. Weisfogel reasoned that dentists would be in a particularly favorable position to diagnose this ailment, being in close proximity to the head and neck region as well as performing routine examination of the structures of the mouth, which are often implicated as primary causes of sleep apnea.

This led Weisfogel to develop a unique protocol for the diagnosis and early treatment of sleep apnea in the context of dental medicine. The concept has largely been proven a success over the last few years. Dentists who have taken the courses offered by Avi Weisfogel’s company, Dental Sleep Masters, have successfully diagnosed and treated thousands of sleep apnea cases, catching many in the early, treatable stages that would have almost certainly progressed to much more serious disease without their timely intervention.Through his innovative diagnostic methods, Weisfogel has transformed the way dentistry is practiced in the United States and has saved countless lives in the process.