Lower Your Healthcare Costs Through Preventive Screening

Preventing disease is important in improving your health and keeping healthcare costs in check. Preventive medicine enables the early detection of diseases when they are most treatable. Life Line Screening is a privately held health and wellness company based in Ohio. It was established in 1993 and offers preventive screening services to communities across the US.

The CDC reports that over 70 million people in the US miss more than a day of work annually due to illnesses. This leads to increased healthcare costs, lower output, lesser incomes and a lower quality of life.

Many health disorders are not symptomatic. It is crucial to identify such conditions early to address them and improve your quality of life. In addition, when you know what conditions you are at risk for, you can make quicker decisions regarding your health and begin direct preventive therapy. The service includes screening for heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, diabetes and liver disease among many others.

Life Line Screening provides counseling and education on negative health habits; nutrition and lifestyle changes that help prevent illness. In addition, they cover wellness consultations, prenatal care, and corporate wellness programs. The screening process is quick, non-invasive, safe, convenient and affordable. Click here to know more.

The company has three main screening points that guarantee accurate results. Firstly, ultrasound is an excellent way to detect conditions such as liver disease, osteoporosis, appendicitis, abnormalities in a pregnancy and carotid artery disease among others. Additionally, it is used for scans involving the breasts, abdomen, pelvic and eyes.

Secondly, blood tests using a sample obtained by the finger prick method are used to screen for heart disease, diabetes and liver injury. Thirdly, electrocardiography is used to determine the risk of suffering from a heart attack and stroke. Life Line Screening brings the services to your locations such as community events, religious centers, living facilities, and corporations.

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Data in Fighting Disease

There are many diseases that have been eradicated in the world due to technology. However, there are a lot of other illnesses that we still struggle with. Many people in the medical community today are looking to data science to understand how we can fight these diseases. A lot of times, it is all about understanding the ways in which you can combat a disease the right way. Eric Lefkofsky has a lot of experience in this area, and he is excited about all of the changes that are starting to take place as well. With all of the changes that have taken place in the world of technology, he is a great person to learn from.

Eric Lefkofsky

From the time he was young, Mr Eric has always been ready and willing to go the extra mile to make a difference. He is excited about the changes that are happening for a number of reasons. He sees how much value can be added to people in this area, and he knows what kind of changes happen when people work hard and work together. Over the years, he has proven to have the knowledge and experience that is needed to change the medical field. The growth of data science is allowing people to treat illness like no time before in history. If you can catch a disease in the early stages, you have a much better change of healing it. Click here to know more.

Final Thoughts

From the time he was young, Eric Lefkofsky has always wanted to change the world. Although he did not know he would end up in this area of the business, he is now starting to see what kind of changes he can make in this area. Eric Lefkofsky is a great ambassador for the healthcare field.

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