Meet Keith Mann, the Man who believes in Honesty and Diversity.

Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience working in the executive search industry. Keith Mann has serious knowledge on several issues such as hedge fund compensation as well as the hiring strategy . He has held different positions during these fifteen years including one of a managing director at Dynamic Executive Search. Learn more about Keith Mann:

He saw the hedge fund industry as one with potential and hence worth investing in.

At the moment, he is the CEO of DSP, and his responsibilities include running the company on a daily basis. He also advises his clients on issues related to hiring investment as well on marketing strategies. In an interview, Keith Mann answered some questions about his career.

 Keith Mann described that the idea for Dynamic Search Partners came from the previous firm that he had worked for, the Dynamics Associates. The main aim was to keep the name consistent.

The idea is as a result of years of experience in the industry where he had been specializing in alternative investment. Keith Mann explained that he was groomed for this position as he grew up in New York area that is known for producing such kind of executives.

Keith Mann described his day as a non-stop one having to deal with lots of meetings, phone calls, and emails. He makes it productive by hammering it away and always, making sure that he is focused. Keith Man explains that exercising before works play a key role in ensuring he remains focused throughout the day.

Mann also explains that his ideas come from needs. He is only interested in ideas that ensure that the current system is improved and functions better. The most important trends that excite Keith Mann are honesty and diversity. Every employer wants to hire an employee who is honest and diverse.

For Keith Mann, the thing he hates most is working for someone else; he wants to be his own boss.  He describes this as his worst job. Keith Mann describes that there is nothing he would change if he were to start all over again.