Adam Milstein: Giving Jews an Insight about Rising Anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is also serving as the Israeli-American Council’s national chairman, as well as the president of the Adam Milstein and Gina Milstein Family Foundation. Adam Milstein has seen that there is a rising case of antisemitism recorded worldwide, and he is warning his fellow Jews to help them combat these hate that are being fueled by different groups.

According to him, his people are being persecuted ever since the beginning of the 20th century and one of the worst examples of hatred against Jews was the massacre at Kishinev, Russia. Thousands were injured and over 40 people were murdered during the Easter of 1903. Then, there was the rise of the Nazis who perpetuated the Holocaust, and then the rise of different anti-Semitic groups around the world. Adam Milstein pointed out that anti-Semitism has branched into three different categories: first, are those coming from the far right movements, those who have strong Christian beliefs, blaming the Jews for the death of Jesus Christ.

Adam Milstein is calling all the Jews around the world to fight for their identity and crushed all the lies that are being thrown against them. Through his philanthropic works, Adam Milstein wanted to show the world that Jews, just like him, can be trusted, and they are also longing for the day when wars do no longer exist on the face of the planet. What he wanted is for humanity to stand as one to achieve our common goals.