The Role of Individual Effort in Overcoming Human Rights Abuses: The Case of Larkin and Lacey

There is no aspersion in a democratic society that the future of any society is heavily reliant on the ability it has to protect the basic rights and freedoms of its members.

In the social contract, society members came together and relegated themselves to the leviathan in the hope that this common authority would guard against abuse of their inherent rights which they had defended individually in the state of nature.

During the renaissance, Montesquieu enumerated in his famous ‘Spirit of law’ and ‘Treatise of Government’ the need for an institution to safeguard civil liberties with all their strength. Many years after his publication, which he spent twenty years researching, organizations like Human Rights Watch can exemplify the role of tyrannical regimes in perpetrating human rights abuses, discrimination, and injustices.

Human Rights Watch has established offices in many parts of the world. It initially recorded and reported Soviet abuses before embarking on a thorough exposure to serious humanitarian crisis amounting to torture, murder and assassinations of journalists, opposition and individuals in Central America by oppressive dictatorial regimes. The organization won a Nobel Prize for joint advocacy to eradicate landmines in the 1990s. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

This leadership role in America and world over has seen it uncover serious human rights valuation of even unimaginable pedigree. The organization, for example, engineered an investigation that exposed the use of child labor in the Tobacco industry. This is a serious basic rights violation under the UN charter of human rights and the first amendment law.

The detailed report that was well promulgated exposed the pugnacious chain of suppliers whom inclination to obduracy was certain.In response Tobacco giant, Altria issued a policy prohibiting suppliers who hired children under the age of sixteen years.

The successes of these efforts have been necessitated by the group organo structure and financial policy. This has enabled it to maintain independence and therefore help the human right watch group to conduct scientific investigations free from bias and political interference.

The organization accepts no money, directly or directly from any government or organized political societies. It relies on small donations from common citizens who believe that doing something about socio political change in society has never been easy and therefore requires a level of organization like the one put up by Human rights watch.

This realization is similar to what inspired two journalists, Michael and Jim, to establish a fund to assist these human rights watch group. The two journalists were unlawfully detained and jailed by the county sheriff of Maricopa Joe Arpaio for exposing his migrant’s discriminations and rights abuses and illegally directing media houses to report to him editorial works as well as its readers.

The jailing was followed by public outcry after which they were released but went on to sue the county. The lawsuit was successful, and eventually, compensation of $ 3.75 million was given to them.

The two realize the need to financially arm human rights group established the Frontera fund to finance these groups.

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