How Securus Technologies Keeps Our Jail Safe

Keeping our jail safe is more than just making certain all the inmates and officers are out of harm’s way, we have to work tirelessly so that any person inside that jail is safe. On any given day there could be contractors, staff, or even visitors inside, and every person is risking their lives if the inmates have the ability to get violent. To lessen those chances, we rely on a number of resources to keep everyone safe.


To keep things like weapons or drugs out of the hands of the inmates, we have a huge police presence at the visitor center each day. This where inmate and visitor are in close contact, so things like a blade, drugs, or even a cellphone could change hands. Cellphones are especially problematic because the inmates can talk freely without us listening on unscreened mobile devices.


Securus Technologies recently installed a call monitoring system that we use to keep tabs on what the inmates are saying to those on the outside. The LBS software helps us to quickly identify chatter on a number of subjects because it is doing the work of several dozen officers. When we hear an inmate now talking about drugs, we are ale to quickly deploy the necessary resources to remedy the trouble on the spot.


One call involved an inmate telling his family to continue to bring him stuff, we monitored that activity and recovered prescription pills on our suspect. One day we heard two inmates telling their families how they are smoking week in the call at night, we were able to eliminate that problem fast. We even picked up on how and where the inmates hide the contraband throughout the jail. Securus Technologies has been instrumental in helping us to tighten up security and make our prison one of the safest.


Securus Technologies Would Have Been Helpful During The OJ Simpson Trial

Everybody seems to be in love with the new documentary about O.J. Simpson. There is even a dramatization of the famous trial of the century on Netflix. One of the most stunning things about the Simpson trial was that his best friend, Robert Kardashian, had doubts about the football players innocence. As it turns out, Robert Kardashian ended his friendship with O.J. Simpson shortly after the trial.


It is difficult to imagine that a friend or loved one would want someone close to them to be caught for a crime. In the world of convicts, someone who turns in a criminal is called the rat. Rats are not treated very well in the criminal world. But a new technological innovation from Securus Technologies is making it possible for a loved one to turn in someone close to them without really being a rat.


When somebody is standing trial for a heinous crime, they are often remanded to custody. That means the most weight in jail as the trial unfolds. Jails are serviced by third-party telecommunications companies that provide telephone services. Securus Technologies is one of these companies. They record all of the phone calls being transmitted into and out of the jails that the service.


This allows a loved one to call into the jail in order to talk to someone close to them. During in intimate call, they can elicit information or even confessions from their loved ones. This information is recorded and can be used by law enforcement and lawyers.


A new software program allows law enforcement officers to find this information quickly by searching for a particular phrase or voice. Now a loved one can tease information or a confession out of somebody close to them inventive off law enforcement that they should search for that particular phone call in order to put an end to the trial.


Customers Praise Securus Technologies for their Commendable Job

Securus Technologies provides civic and criminal justice technology that ensures public safety through continuous surveillance of inmates’ calls and video surveillance. Securus has been providing the services for decades making it the most reliable organization in giving surveillance and monitoring services. Securus has been providing surveillance technologies for monitoring inmates’ behaviors and communications between them and their relatives and friends.

Due to their quality services, Securus has been the preferred company over their competitors, and have widened their clients’ base to serve most inmate facilities in the United States. According to Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies said that Securus develops new products for their clients on a weekly basis. The move ensures that quality gets regularly improved to satisfy their customers’ wants.

Recently, Securus has received comments from their customers stating how they have positively impacted their facilities. For instance, there is an email from a client who explained how the use of Securus Technologies systems had assisted them in convicting a member of staff who was involved in criminal activities. The member was identified by tracking his cell phone and identifying suspicious messages sent to the other party. The systems proved worth, and the client expects more of such services from Securus Technologies.

In another instance, the client wished to recommend Securus for their LBS software that has enabled them to search for drugs and illegal assets. Through the use of the LSB service, the client has partnered with sheriffs and other law enforcing departments to put in custody victims who use and sell the drugs. This would be impossible and complicated without Securus Technologies assistance.

Securus has done a recommendable job, and every client is satisfied with the services they provide. On their part, Securus Technologies have promised to advance and develop more products that will be tailor made for their clients’ wants.

Securus Has Better Installers In Every Prison

Securus has been sending installers into prisons around the country, and the people that are in these prisons want to be able to check in with family. There are a lot of people who need family to have a center in this world, and there are many people who will place these calls every day. We have been doing this for a while now, and we just heard about how they are sending more people into the field every day. They are trying to get more calls done every day, and that comes with more cameras.


The best part of this is that we have seen the results of all that installing work that they have done. The cameras are helping people like us keep in touch with family every day, and the cameras are pretty exciting because it means that I can get all the people in the family around the camera so that we can all see the people that we love.


We want to feel like there is a tangible connection in the family that is going to last for a long time, and someone who wants to be able to see a family member can just use the app on their phone. Securus created an app to go with the service they are creating with all these phone lines and cameras. The way that they have set up their system is such that everyone gets what they need. I have called to make sure that a person who is in the family can check in with us, and I have called to make sure I can see their face just to be sure they are alright.