Greg Secker Uses Learn To Trade to Give Tips of Successful Trading

Greg Secker, other than being a father is a businessperson, master trader, promoter, and an international speaker, is the one who founded the Knowledge to Action Group in the year 2003. It compromises of companies like Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, Capital Index, and The Greg Secker foundation. These enterprises have come together to improve the lives of people positively through training, drilling, strategy, and support.

Greg started his career in the Thomas Cook Financial service before going to the business of foreign exchange and running Virtual Trading DeskTM VTD. This was not only a new business but only the first real-time platform used for Forex trading. His career progressed, and he went to Mellon Financial Corporation and worked as the Vice President. After working in the company for some time, Greg left the company to start his venture, and that is how to Learn to Trade was started. With over 13 years in the business, the company has grown and has taught over 200,000 how to trade through setting up workshops and seminars.

Learn to Trade has received many awards like the Best Educator Award from Finance Magazine in the year 2012 and 2013. The Wealth and Finance Magazine in the year 2015 named the company as the Best Trading Education Product and Best Forex Trader Training. The Global Banking and Finance Review in 2015, 2016, and 2017 awarded the company as the Best Forex Educators in the UK, Australasia, Europe ,and South Africa. The company was ranked the 17th place in the Philanthropic 30 Most Caring Companies.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker was born in 1975 in Norfolk England. He studied food and agriculture sciences from the University Of Nottingham. His trading ideas came as an opportunity. It started when he worked for large asset management Bank in the United States when he went back to England; he had time to focus on trading. After doing some trading of his on at home, he decided to teach people.

Greg likes spending his time at home with his family, but given the fact that he is a motivation speaker, he finds that he travels a lot. However, whenever he can, he stays and works from home. In fact, most of his meetings are held in the house.