EOS: The Lip Balm I Love

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS as you probably know the brand, is by far my favorite for lip balm. I’ve always had dry skin, including lips. After a move from the hot and humid south to the mountainous aurora of Colorado, the problem with dry lips became an even greater problem. My lips were cracked, dry and they looked horrible. I hated going out because others could see my lips and putting on makeup, or at least lipstick, wasn’t an option.

I have had the problem with dry lips for years, and never found a solution until my move. I discovered EOS while standing in the checkout lane at a local Target retailer. As luck would have it, my lips were hurting because they were so dry and this product was the only one available. The selection was null, with only one variety, but I would later learn that EOS has a ton of fun flavors and varieties of lip balms available on Lucky Vitamin, Ulta(http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos) and other stores.

Strawberry Sorbet flavor tasted like a dollop of the finest ice cream doused upon my lips, instantly adding smoothness that I hadn’t felt in so long. I kept the lip balm near, expecting the need for a reapplication minutes later. To my surprise, I went almost the entire day without reapplying, although I did catch myself wanting to jot some on just to enjoy the taste once again.

The EOS lip balm is incredible. I love the flavor, but they give you the whole package and provide a balm that softens the lips, too. EOS uses all-natural products, and pack tons of Vitamin E into the mix. My lips, even with the climate change, have never been better, and I owe it all to Evolution of Smooth lip balm!