End Citizens United Strengthens Its Anti Citizens United Campaigns

End Citizens United has been fighting hard to reverse the court ruling that lead to the creation of super PAC, a move the organization claims has enabled the flow of dirty money into political campaigns. In its second year of operation, End Citizens United has made significant steps through improving the number of lawmakers in support of its constitutional amendment agenda. Citizen United remains one of the organization’s main opponents. James Bopp, a white-haired Indiana lawyer, has been representing Citizens United in court. The lawyer first rose into fame in 2008 when he tried to fight for the organization to air a film known as Hillary: The Movie. Through the movie, the lawyer sought to show that the politician (Hillary) was a ‘European Socialist’ and was not fit to become the president of the United States. He won the case.

After two years, Citizens United won a Supreme Court ruling that reversed the 100-year-old Lamberth ruling on election finance. The court ruled that corporations had the same First Amendment rights as average voters. To this end, they are free to participate in the support or defeat of candidates. This move allowed for the inflow of money into campaigns, funding that was traditionally considered unconstitutional. At 63 years, Bopp has continued to fight against any campaign-finance regulation. Organizations such as End Citizens United have been created to specifically handle the threat created by Bopp and his organization. James Bopp holds a degree in economic chemistry from the Indiana University. He comes from a family of doctors.

End Citizens United has embarked in a strong campaign against Citizens United, its leader, and their activities. These efforts can be seen by the improved campaigns done by the organizations. The group started the year with strong funding campaigns that saw them raise over $4 million in just three months of the campaign. The money is a portion of the $35 million that the group aims to raise before the midterm elections that are scheduled for 2018. Over 100,000 donors across the United States donated the money. Out of this number, 40,000 were first time donors to the group. According to the group, the money will be used to fund the organization’s operations and democratic candidates to both the Congress and Senate.

Contrary to Citizens United’s open arm to all donations, End Citizens United limits the amount of money that donors can contribute. They are limited to donating a maximum of $5000 each. Notably, End Citizens United does not accept funds from corporations. These limits ensure that the group is true to its cause. In the last elections, the group raised $25 million that was used to fund several candidates, who were supporting their cause, to the Congress and Senate. The group is confident that with time, it will be able to raise the number of supporters of its cause to undertake a constitutional amendment on campaign-finance in both houses.

End Citizens United Has Successful Fundraising Year

End Citizens United has earned over $35 million dollars in fundraising efforts for the 2018 midterm election campaign. Although the elections will not take place for over a year yet, the bizarre twists American politics have taken since the 2016 presidential election. The aftermath of the last presidential election has been so bizarre that many people take breaks from following the news to preserve their sanity, but End Citizens United wants to remind Americans to go out and vote in the midterm elections.

The key issue for many people who oppose the president’s agenda is removing his majority in both houses, although political analysts think it is unlikely that any legislation the president supports will make it to his desk. Infighting between moderate and more extreme members of the Republican party has prevented the president from passing a key piece of legislation. Despite repeated attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the bill remains intact. Even an attempt to replace it failed.

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As dangerous as some people find Trump’s ideas, there are other reasons for people to support candidates who support campaign finance reform. End Citizens United formed after a United States Supreme Court decision made it easier for corporations to influence the outcome of elections. A group called Citizens United wished to air a documentary critical of Hillary Clinton several days before a primary election. After a long-drawn out court case, Citzens United won and several key parts of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance act were struck down. Other parts still remain in place, including the part that requires such productions to say who approved the messages contained within such advertisements.

The organization continues its efforts, and one spokesperson did not expect to see such support. Unlike many politicians, the organization gets its funding from people who make less than $100,000 per year. These are the people who are concerned about the undue influence corporations and lobbyists seem to have on members of congress. Those who choose to stay home in 2018 because their votes do not matter do nothing to stop the problem. Their silence merely contributes to it.