Arthur Becker: A Real Estate Investor with a Sense of Art

It is not a common day experience to get a real estate cum tech developer with a good sense of art; Arthur Becker is one of the select few. From his real estate office in Tribeca, you would not fail to notice this side of Arthur thanks to the numerous paintings and sculptures that hang freely on the wall. According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker is a man who by all rights has fought hard to retain the position and status he enjoys in the society.

Arguably, Mr. Arthur made his fortune in the business world through the trade of tech companies. His first tech company was NaviSite. Mr. Becker was involved in the daily operations of the company until 2010. During his time in office, he helped the company grow a reputation in the tech industry before it was later sold in 2011 for $230 million to Tim Warner Cable. It is at this point that Mr. Arthur shifted his attention to the real estate industry.

Mr. Arthur’s contributions to the real estate sector, though late in time, cannot be under looked. Becker has been involved in a number of high-end construction projects including a 16-story condo building in 10 Sullivan Street, three Sullivan Street townhouses and finally his biggest development project an eight-unit luxury condo at 465 Washington Street. Upon its completion, the luxury condo is projected to sell for $52.5 million marking a milestone for the real estate developer considering it is his first solo project. You can visit Perezhilton to know more.

Amidst the success in tech and real estate, Arthur Becker has also been involved in other businesses. Thanks to his love for binoculars, the entrepreneur tried a hand in the business; however, things did not go as expected. Mr. Becker attributes his fall due to other people’s lack of passion for the same. Becker however still enjoys his passion and has a number of toy soldier holding binoculars in his collection.

The other thing Mr. Arthur Becker has a passion for is ancient artifacts. His artifacts are, however, special pieces as he collects ancient currencies from different parts of the world and makes them. All this passion for art can be traced to Becker’s academic background where he graduated at Bennington College, 1969 with a BA – Fine Arts degree. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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