Mark Autterson: An Investment Management Giant

Investment management is centered on proper handling of assets and various securities with the aim of achieving specific investment objectives beneficial to investors. Assets in this context take the form of shares, bonds and real estate among others. The investors who own these assets may be institutions or private individuals.

Some of the largest investment management firms today include BlackRock, Vanguard, and WIN Wealth Management. An investment management firm deals with huge sum of money, as much as hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. Returns to investments are commensurately high. Their profits are often in the region of hundreds of millions of dollars. They help people manage huge amount of money or portfolio and operate in the form of the so-called private banking.

Investment management firms enrich their investors through the medium of asset allocation. The shrewd practice of allocating funds among assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities and among individual securities is what these firms are paid for. It involves a whole lot of market dynamics and interaction effects. The performance of funds at the disposal of these firms depends on the intelligent allocation of money among the different asset classes.

Mark Autterson

With over 20 years of experience in the investment, financial and accounting service industries, Mark Autterson is simply a giant in his profession. He graduated from the prestigious Buena Vista University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Navigating the ship of business has been a part of his life. He was Vice-President at a $750 million Registered Investment Advisor in the city of Minneapolis. Before leaving the company, he had another brilliant idea in mind, and with colleagues of like minds, he co-founded WIN Wealth Management. Mark Autterson is also a registered member of American Express and Royal Alliance.

As a principal Wealth Advisor at WIN Wealth Management, Mark Autterson displays expert and exemplary skills helping clients to avoid the ups and downs of the market and aligning their investment strategies with their most rewarding financial goals. He also helps clients solve issues bordering on tax and estate planning.