Dr Avi Weisfogel – Founder and Owner of Dental Sleep Masters

Dr Avi Weisfogel is the founder and owner of Dental Sleep Masters. He founded this company in 2014. The aim of the company is to diagnose and treat sleep apnea by use of oral appliances. Recent studies have indicated a correlation between sleep apnea and lifestyle conditions such as diabetes and CVS disorders. This has necessitated renewed vigor in diagnosis, treatment and research. Dental Sleep Masters has joined the bandwagon.


It has an integrative model that works to provide a better primary and secondary health care for individuals with this condition. It brings together medical and dental health care providers on board. This model not only provides better care for the patients but also provides more opportunities for dentists and doctors. Dr Weisfogel has a BA in Biology and Psychology from the Rutgers University.


He also holds a Doctorate in Dental Sciences from the New York University, College of Dentistry. He started out practicing general dentistry. He formed his first company in 1999 named the Old Bridge Dental Care. He worked there for over 15 years. He managed to do excellent work and was voted Best Dentist severally by the community. His interest in marketing dentists combined by his passion for sleep apnea made him create the integrative Dental Sleep Masters.


Dr Avi Weisfogel has also founded other companies such as Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010 and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012. Both companies work towards management of sleep apnea. He currently resides in New Jersey where his company (Dental Sleep Masters) is located.


Dr Walden Brings Her Business Home

Dr Walden is a great plastic surgeon who once had her practice in New York, but now she is bringing it all back to where she began. Dr Walden is thinking of her kids and where she felt the most at home.


Dr Walden Comes Home

Dr. Jennifer  Walden started her career in New York and built a fantastic base of clients in her business. She not only built her clients with normal people, but also with famous clients. She decided to bring it back to where she grew up so she could give her kids a great childhood in the country.


Moving To Texas

A great thing about Dr Walden is that she maintained her business even while she moved it to the middle of the country. Her clients still come see her in Texas and she still has that famous client backing. They come to her because she is good at her job and she makes sure everyone feels like they are in control of their experience.


There are a lot of plastic surgery options, but Dr Walden is worth the extra drive. She has the experience to give you a great look and to help you feel better about who you are and what you look like. She has maintained the upscale look and feel of her clinic while being in a smaller area that is more personal to her. Take a minute and give her a call. You might just find she is perfect to help you.


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The Very Best In Plumbing Services In The State of Arizona

Arizona is a rather large state thanks to it’s exceptional size. There are millions of people that call this place home as well. Plumbing is one of life’s most practical functions and when plumbing isn’t available, productivity is sure to occur. Do you live in Tucson? Do you live in the Tucson Metropolitan Area, which includes Vail, Green Valley, Marana, Benson, Catalina, and others? If so then you’re in luck because Tucson is home to the absolute best in plumbing services.

Sunny Plumber is the company that is in question and it offers some of the very best of services, lower rates, and it covers a large statistical area. This is a Grade A provider that has the capabilities to handle the toughest of jobs no matter the size. Types of jobs? Leak detection, video camera pipe inspection, water quality, water heater, clogged drains, sewer drain clearing, installation of water softening systems, sump pump service, kitchen/bathroom services. and many more.

Sunny Plumber also provides numerous promotions and a maintenance plan, which is great for preventing issues. Every base is covered here and the next step for you would be to get in touch with best in the business.


DIY Tips to Help You Have Fun This Summer


Feeling like having some fun in the sun this summer? If you are, these DIY tips from Wengie, the blogger of beauty to help with having some summer fun in a crafty sort of way! Here are the DIY tips for Summer Life Hacks EVERYONE Should Know:



  • Chilling in The Pool Without Getting Wet-Just get a kid’s swimming pool and use it like a floating island. You can even put your towels and books in it.
  • Don’t Feel Like Getting up and Grabbing a Drink While in The Pool-Create a floating mini bar using pool noodles and a plastic tub that is wider at the top than the bottom, some thick string and scissors. Create a border around the tub with the noodles by cutting them. Thread the string through your noodles and then tie it together. Then your mini bar is complete and all you need is drinks and ice.
  • Make Legs Feel Smooth-Use olive oil, honey and sugar together in order to create a sugar scrub. After this is created, just shave like normal and use the sugar scrub on the areas shaved.
  • Getting a Temporary Tan-Use cocoa with some body lotion to create a mixture. Then just rub it on, removing is easy, just shower.
  • Make Sunbathing More Fun-Add a pattern to your body using Elmer’s School glue or sunscreen. This will create a tan tattoo.
  • Making Your Face Look Less Oily After Sunscreen-Just add some translucent powder to your face using a thin tissue.
  • Dealing With Itchy Mosquito Bites- Just use toothpaste on the bites to soothe them.
  • Keeping The Mosquitoes Away-All you need are glass jars, oils that mosquitoes hate (like lavender oil and eucalyptus oil), lemon, limes, rosemary, ⅔ jar of water and tea candle or floating candles.
  • Creating Glow in The Dark Lanterns-Just take some glow sticks and some glass jars and cut the glow sticks at the ends and put the liquids into the jars.
  • Protecting Your Stuff on The Beach From Critters and Sand-Use a plastic bin liner and put your stuff in it and then put the liner in your bag.
  • Lost or Forgotten Flip Flops-Just use a harness to clip the flip flops onto the side of your bag and you will have no more lost or forgotten flip flops!

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Jeffry Schneider’s Thoughts on the Emerging Trends in the Alternative Investment Industry

Jeffry Schneider is a financial advisor with an emphasis on marketing, operational, sales, and marketing services. He founded Ascendant Capital LLC with an objective of providing financial structuring services to clients. The company excels in raising funds for large and budding alternative asset fund managers, Ascendant’s private and private offerings are distributed across the world through its large network of private banks, family offices, and authorized investment advisors. As the brains behind Ascendant Capital, Jeffrey has also facilitated the growth of the company.


When Jeffry began serving as CEO of Ascendant Capital, the company had two employees. Today, the company boasts a professional team of thirty employees. These employees usually attend to clients’ requests diligently. Jeffry empowered the team to amass over $1 billion for Ascendant’s fund managers. The money was later invested in tech companies, real estate properties, and auto dealerships with a potential to grow financially. Jeffry is hopeful that his company will collect more funds in the future. The annual revenue collection is projected at $50 million every month.


Alternative Investments


Jeffrey Schneider is usually keen on the latest trends in the alternative investment sector. One of his observations is that the industry provides investors with a way of reducing volatility and diversifying holdings. Schneider also believes that the sector has recorded tremendous growth over the years due to their allocations. According to him, RIAs and client portfolios have fewer allocations when compared to alternative investments.


Schneider’s Professional and Education Background


Schneider attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst for an undergraduate degree. Throughout his professional career, he has been involved with financial institutions, such as Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. He also worked for Alex Brown before joining the executive team at Axiom Capital Management. Besides work, Schneider is a physical fitness enthusiast. He participates in athletic activities as part of his workout programs. He has also traveled across South America, Europe, and Asia. His charity endeavors focus on supporting orphaned children and wildlife. He has donated to non-profit institutions, such as the Gazelle Foundation and Cherokee Home for Children.

Andrea McWilliams Uses Her Skills In Politics and Philanthropy

As a skilled strategist, Andrea McWilliams is meticulous and attention-to-detail driven. She is a well-known lobbyist and political fundraiser, both in private and public sectors. She is well-known by the national media, with organizations like NPR, CNN, FOX News, and the Wall Street Journal all regarding her as a leading political strategist and fundraiser. She is currently serving on the PAC Board of Ryan.

Andrea McWilliams is distinguished by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce and is a national political commentator. She has won awards like the “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist” award by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the “Profiles in Power” award by Austin Business Journal. Austin Fashion Week’s “Style Setter” award and the “Woman of Distinction” award by the Girl Scouts are also on list of accomplishments.

She co-founded a full-service firm that consults on governmental affairs. Andrea McWilliams combined her talents with her husband Dean’s to create McWilliams, becoming a respected and trusted firm by local, state, and national levels. Using her passion and experience of being a Chief of Staff at 21, she co-founded this successful firm after honing her private sector skills at Public Strategies, Inc., an iconic public relations company.

Andrea McWilliams isn’t just political though. She is a well-regarded philanthropist and volunteer within the community. She has served as a board member for numerous organizations like Austin Children in Crisis, Rise Across Texas Challenge, and the Waterloo President’s Council. She was once the President of an organization that was founded to preserve Austin’s past.

McWilliams has supported groups like KillCancer and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. In 2014, a screening room was named after her in the Seton Breast Cancer Center in Austin for all of her dedication and commitment. She has also partnered with the Austin Business Journal to serve as a mentor to younger women in the area. Andrea McWilliams is also committed to organizations like Ballet Austin, the Pease Park Conservancy, and Preservation Austin.

Troy McQuagge’s Commitment to Success Makes Him the Winner of the 2016 One Planet Gold Award

Troy won the 2016 One Planet Gold Award for working tirelessly and implementing new reforms and policies that saw him become the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. This prestigious award is given to business people and professionals who show exemplary commitment and dedication to delivering excellent services to the people they serve. It is usually open for big and small businesses upon submission of nominations. Public as well as private firms are also legible for this award.


Troy’s humility and selfless character comes out clearly even after being given this award, which he merited due to his tireless effort in seeing that USHEALTH Group was committed to providing affordable and innovative health care plan to the self-employed and small business owners in America. Troy went ahead to give all the credit to the USHEALTH team for contributing to the success of this health insurance company, and he did not take the credit for himself.


Troy McQuagge’s journey of making USHEALTH successful started in 2010 when he first joined the company. He effectively succeeded in re-tooling the company’s advisors as well as restructuring the captive distribution agency, a move that saw him become the CEO in 2014. He led his talented team of employees to provide affordable and very innovative health coverage that can cover the growing health needs of its customers. This made USHEALTH grow tremendously in profit and clientele even though the medical insurance business is very competitive.


The successful CEO received this award saying that it was an honor to be named the Gold Award winner 2016 and to be recognized by his peers. Planet One Awards cover all business people in their respective areas of specialization. Executives, marketing strategists, corporate communications as well as PR specialists are eligible for this award. It is a nondiscriminatory platform for business people to get recognition for their improved performance. The only requirement to be given the award is being a high level professional and attaining business excellence for one to qualify as a winner of this most coveted award. Troy has depicted the traits of a true leader.



Clay Siegall And His Amazing Support To Delivering New Cancer Treatment Options


Research avails solutions to even the most complex problems and this is the reason more health experts have been channeling their energy to cancer research. Cancer is a problem that has been troubling the world for many years and the methods of treatment available today are not as dependable as they should be.

Experts like Clay Siegall have been working to see the advancement of cancer research to find solutions that could avail reliable treatment methods. Clay Siegall has been supporting this industry through his company, Seattle Genetics, which has been operational since 1998. He works with highly experienced experts, who have built the biotechnology company to rank among the best producers of solutions for the treatment of various ailments.

Seattle Genetics has been producing products meant to allow easy treatment of cancer. One of the products that came from the company is ADCETRIS, which has been a major boost to the fight against cancer. It currently ranks as the most preferred product by the company and it earns more than 60 percent of the total revenue the company makes. Another product that came from Seattle Genetics is the ADC Technology, which offers an easy option for treating cancer. This is a revolutionary technology that allows the elimination of affected cells without interfering with healthy cells.

About Clay Sieagall

Founder and President of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has built his profile as a professional committed to the eradication of the cancer menace. He has invested his time and resources to supporting research projects that are meant to offer better ways of treating cancer. Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics and through the company has managed to come up with products that are promising in the fight against cancer.

Seattle Genetics has grown over the past one decade and its shares tripled, all thanks to the success the company earned from introducing new drug pipelines and the ADC Technology. Clay Siegall has been managing the company well and his great skills have been a useful resource in proposing solutions to the problems experts encounter while conducting research for the development of a modern and reliable method of treating cancer.

Rona Borre’s Impact on the Business World

Ronna Borre’s resume speaks for itself

One of the leading female entrepreneurs around, Ronna Borre has been impacting the business world for many years. The CEO of Instant Alliance, Borre has built quite a successful resume over the years. Borre has built Instant Alliance into a nationally respected company. Her incredible work ethic has allowed her company to consistently increase their revenue year after year.  Check on techweekchicago2014.sched.com.

Ronna Borre’s resume speaks for itself. She earned a BS in Business from University of Arizona. Over the years she has set on a number boards including roles with he Economic Club of Chicago, the Young Presidents Organization and The Chicago Network. She has had the honor of being recognized by several major news networks including CNBC, USA Today, CNN, and CBS. She has also been recognized with several awards including been honored as an Influential Woman in Business and also recognized by the National Association of Women Business Owners.  Have a peek at cnbc.com

Borre is very passionate about helping companies reach their goals.  Her core principals for hiring include the following: understand your company’s core values, know your best employees, assess your hiring needs and be specific. Rona Borre is a trusted respected resource when it comes to staffing.

Borre’s ultimate goal is to bring aboard strong and passionate leaders with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She will help to mold them into leaders that to help build assets in the growing market. She has had great success over the years with this philosophy. With her determination she should continue to make an impact for many more years to come.

Better check on this http://www.instantalliance.com/team_bio/rona-borre/

Equities First Holdings: Specializing in Stock Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is one of the most acknowledge loan providers using stocks as collateral. For the company, they always delight in becoming part of the solution to your money problems. For this reason; you are required to approach the company to secure fast working capital using stocks as collateral. As a matter of fact, no one has a better understanding of what it takes to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. For over 14 years of professional experience in the world, Equities First Holdings has issued more than 2,000 transactions to their clients. These transactions translate to more than $2 billion in the issue to the fast working capital. For the company, they are always delighted to become part of the solutions to all your financial problems. For this reason, they developed the stock-based loans as one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital.

Stock-based loans provide a hedge between the structuring of equities and entities in this arena. For this reason, they end up working for capabilities that do not work for the better business bureau. The use of stock-based loans has been adopted as better option of financing during the onset of the harsh economic crisis. During these times, companies and rich individuals may need money. However, the banks may have high-interest rates that scare away most of the borrowers. For this reason, they end up looking for better alternatives to the financial problems. During this time, a credit-based loan offered by banks becomes limited to the common people. For this reason, no one has a better environment towards the capabilities issued as fast working capital. For you to secure the fast working capital, you might consider selecting the better business management capability in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. Equities First Holdings is a better business solution to your problems.